Analyzing the composition of lok sabha study the current composition of lok sabha no. of representatives who studied till 10th or 12th graduates post gra?

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Members of lok sabha from Kerala?

Constituency and Name of the Member [2009 onwards]Kasaragode - Mr. P. KarunakaranKannur - Mr. K. SudhakaranVadakara - Mr. Mullappally RamachandranWayanad - Mr. M.I. ShanavasKo (MORE)

Comparative study of lok sabha and rajya sabha in ppt or pdf?

1. Composition of House:The Lok Sabha is the popular House. Its members are directly elected by the people. But the members of the Rajya Sabha are indirectly elected. This dif (MORE)

What is the quorum of the lok sabha and rajya sabha?

Quorum is the minimum number of members of a legislature that must be present to make the proceedings valid. In case of the Parliament, the quorum of either House shall be one (MORE)
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What is Rajya sabha and Lok sabha?

Parliament of India consists of the President and two houses to be known as the House of the People,renamed later as the Lok Sabha and the Council of States,renamed as the Raj (MORE)
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