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Analyzing the composition of lok sabha study the current composition of lok sabha no. of representatives who studied till 10th or 12th graduates post gra?

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Members of lok sabha from Kerala?

Constituency and Name of the Member [2009 onwards] Kasaragode - Mr. P. KarunakaranKannur - Mr. K. SudhakaranVadakara - Mr. Mullappally RamachandranWayanad - Mr. M.I. ShanavasK (MORE)

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Comparative study of lok sabha and rajya sabha in ppt or pdf?

1. Composition of House: The Lok Sabha is the popular House. Its members are directly elected by the people. But the members of the Rajya Sabha are indirectly elected. This di (MORE)

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Who is the Speaker of 13th Lok Sabha?

10 October 1999 - 6 February 2004 is the duration of 13th Lok Sabha. The Speaker of Lok Sabha was Mr. G. M. C. Balayogi from 22 October 1999 to 3 March 2002 and Mr. Manohar Jo (MORE)

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What is the quorum of the lok sabha and rajya sabha?

Quorum is the minimum number of members of a legislature that must be present to make the proceedings valid. In case of the Parliament, the quorum of either House shall be one (MORE)