Anna university lateral entry counseling in azhagapa college of engineering which is in karaikudi?

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When will application for lateral entry in Tamil Nadu engineering colleges be issued for 2009?

  Applications are invited from Diploma Holders in Engineering / Technology and B.Sc Graduates for Admission to Second Year B.E, B.Tech Degree Courses during 2008 - 09 und (MORE)
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What a Career in Counseling Entails

So you've decided you want pursue a career in counseling, but you don't know what that entails? You're in luck. Counseling is a selfless job where counselors are dedicated to (MORE)
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General Information on Careers in Counseling Psychology

A counseling psychologist career revolves around treating individuals dealing with everyday life stress. The psychologists is required to check the patient's prior mental heal (MORE)

How do you get refund of counseling amount from Anna university?

just simple ,take a copy of allotment, then go to anna univ counselling building, and write a letter for the director ,finally submit letter with original allotment. u will r (MORE)

List of Engineering college codes under chennai Anna university?

Did you mean Counseling Code? It's around 500 Colleges are under Anna University. I think this year Anna University, Chennai changed the Counseling Codes for TNEA 2012. Fro (MORE)
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The Importance of Earning a Ph.D. Degree as a Counseling Psychologist

PhD programs provide specialized training for students who choose to work as counselors. While other doctoral students learn general information about the field of psychology (MORE)

Counseling Psychology Vs. Clinical Psychology

It is possible that somewhere along the line, you have heard a professional psychologist refer to himself as a clinical psychologists, while another refers to him as a counsel (MORE)