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Anna university lateral entry counseling in azhagapa college of engineering which is in karaikudi?

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How is Anna university distance education?

Anna University Coimbatore is one of the premiere GOvt. universities to offer distance Education M.B.A Programmes. They offer M.B.A in 15 majors. For more details call their s

Lateral entry in IIT for BE?

  for your information you have to give IIT-JEE Eligibility Criteria Minimum Academic Qualification The minimum academic qualification for admission through JEE is a pa

Anna university results?

Click on below link: http://myindiaresults.blogspot.com/

Top 50 engineering colleges of Anna university in 2010?

1.panimalar engineering college 2.srm 3.vit 4.psg tech 5.kongu 6.bannariamman 7.hindusthan chennai 8.st.josephs 9.kumaraguru 10.sona tech 11.k s rangasamy

Why counseling and guidance to university students?

So that they will not go astray, in terms of doing what they are not supposed to. Often it is a young persons first time away from home in a strange place and counselors may