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Anna university lateral entry counseling in azhagapa college of engineering which is in karaikudi?

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How many Anna university colleges are there in Tamil Nadu?

Anna University has once again become a single affiliating university for engineering colleges all over Tamil Nadu from August 1, 2012. All the Regional Anna universities ( An

What is Last year cut off mark of Anna university architecture counselling?

  Why is that Tamil Nadu Architecture Counselling cut off marks are made public or not available for public viewing? I wish to find out 2008 cut off for Tamil Nadu Archite

How do you get refund of counseling amount from Anna university?

just simple ,take a copy of allotment, then go to anna univ counselling building, and write a letter for the director ,finally submit letter with original allotment. u will

List of Engineering college codes under chennai Anna university?

Did you mean Counseling Code? It's around 500 Colleges are under Anna University. I think this year Anna University, Chennai changed the Counseling Codes for TNEA 2012.

Top 50 engineering colleges of Anna university in 2010?

1.panimalar engineering college 2.srm 3.vit 4.psg tech 5.kongu 6.bannariamman 7.hindusthan chennai 8.st.josephs 9.kumaraguru 10.sona tech 11.k s rangasamy