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Anna university lateral entry counseling in azhagapa college of engineering which is in karaikudi?

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When will application for lateral entry in Tamil Nadu engineering colleges be issued for 2009?

  Applications are invited from Diploma Holders in Engineering / Technology and B.Sc Graduates for Admission to Second Year B.E, B.Tech Degree Courses during 2008 - 09 und (MORE)

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How do you get refund of counseling amount from Anna university?

just simple ,take a copy of allotment, then go to anna univ counselling building, and write a letter for the director ,finally submit letter with original allotment. u will (MORE)

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List of Engineering college codes under chennai Anna university?

Did you mean Counseling Code? It's around 500 Colleges are under Anna University. I think this year Anna University, Chennai changed the Counseling Codes for TNEA 2012. (MORE)