Ano ang mga batas ng pagkonsumo?

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1. Law of Harmony - combination of things; products should be compatible with each other.

e.g. (food) Kare-kare::Bagoong, Dinuguan::Puto, Oatmeal::Tuyo
(clothing) Yellow dress::Black shoes etc.

2. Law of Variety - stage of constant change; people are not contented with only one thing or the same thing. There is no contentment.

e.g. (songs) Baby by:justin bieber- at first, we listen to it several times until we are able to memorize the song. Then when we get tired of it, we search for more new songs.

3. Law of Imitation - imitation of things (fake).

e.g. China phones, fake branded shirts/dresses

4. Law of Economic Order - This law explains that, people can achieve their satisfaction if they decided to prioritize their necessities or their important needs

e.g. they decide to save and earn money for future college study rather than saving and earning money to buy brand new cellphone/gadgets that is not so important.

5. Law of Diminishing Utility
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