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Apa fungsi slide design pada Microsoft power point?

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Apa Fungsi Jembatan Garam Pada Sel Volta?

1. Ion-ion dapat bergerak dari sel yang satu ke sel lainnya 2. Mengganti ion-ion positif dan ion-ion negatif yang kekurangan dalam masing-masing sel 3. Untuk menetralkan

How many slides are there in Microsoft Excel?

Excel does not use slides. Slides are associated with Powerpoint. A presentation in Powerpoint can have as many slides as you need.

Differentiate between slide show view and slide view in MS-power point?

Slide show view means it starts from the beginning and shows you the entire slide show to the end. Slide view means it starts from the current slide you are working on and con

Apa fungsi saraf motorik dan saraf sensorik?

Fungsi sel saraf sensorik adalah menghantar impuls dari reseptor ke sistem saraf pusat, yaitu otak (ensefalon) dan sumsum belakang (medula spinalis). Ujung akson dari saraf se

What are the differences between prezi.com and Microsoft power point?

Power point is a slide show and has multiple pages. Prezi presents by zooming around a single page. Also Power Point is an application and Prezi is online. That makes Power Po

How do you make a picture a background of a power-point slide?

Right click on the slide, edit background, then rather than selecting a colour you can select a picture, you will have to browse for it in your hard drive. You can apply to al

What is the difference between Microsoft Word and Power Point?

On micro Power you make slideshows on Word you cant. Word is a word processor. PowerPoint is a presentation applicatoin.