Apakah pengertian dari teks naratif?

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Apakah pengertian dari teks naratif?
teks naratif adalah cerita tentang khayalan
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Facebook started out marketing exclusively to college students and has since expanded its audience to over 1 billion users worldwide. What made you realize that students might want to revert back to a more local network, specifically their college campus?

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What is a tek screw?

A tek screw is a screw that has a drill bit tip for a point rather than coming to a sharp point like a needle. These are self-drilling screws and need no pilot hole. Tek is (MORE)
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Pengertian sarana dan prasarana administrasi perkantoran?

Sarana ialah sesuatu yang dapat digunakan sebagai angkat/peralatan dalam pencapaian maksud dan tujuan sedang prasarana ialah sesuatu yang merupakan faktor penunjang terlaksana (MORE)

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Pengertian facebook menurut para ahli?

facebook adalah layanan jaringan sosial dan situs web, agar semua orang bisa membuat profil pribadi yg bertujuan mencari teman,kelaurga yg tidak pernah kita jumpai atau bert (MORE)

What is how are you in Pashto and Dari?

Pashto = څنگه يې؟ (ta sanga yee?) Dari = من خوبم ممنون، شما چطوريد؟ (man khubam mamnun, shoma chetorid?)
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What are the months in dari?

Month names in Dari are: حمل = Hamal ثور = Sawr جوزا = Jawza سرطان = Saratan اسد = Asad سنبله = Sunbula میزان = Mizan عقرب = Aq (MORE)

What are tek screws?

Tek screws are a name brand type of self drilling screws. They can  also be called drill bit screws and self tapping screws. Phillips  and other companies manufacture these (MORE)