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Are Pension Distributions subject to Social Security withholding taxes?

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Are Social Security checks and pension checks subject to garnishment?

Yes. And the money once deposited in a normal bank account loses it's identity and can be seized, etc like any other. Clarification: Social Security checks are only subjec

Do your tax pay your social security?

The taxes that you are paying now for for the social security and medicare insurance program are being used to pay for the benefits that the current beneficiaries are receivin

Are Social Security benefits subject to state income tax?

Fourteen of the 50 states tax Social Security benefits (through 2010): Same rate as Federal Government MinnesotaNebraskaNorth DakotaRhode IslandVermontWest Virginia Tax So

Is a retired person's income subject to Social Security taxes?

Earned income is subject to FICA withholding, regardless of your age. If you continue working, even if you are also drawing Social Security benefits, you will continue to cont

Is general professional partnership subject to withholding tax?

the GPP itself are exempt for withholding tax but if the income payment are payable direct to the members of the GPP then it is subject to withholdinbg tax.. The GPP is not

Can IRS garnish pension and Social Security?

Yes, pension and Social Security payments may be garnished by the IRS to satisfy Federal tax levies and judgments.   Please see the links below for additional information.

What is the 2006 maximum social security withholding amount?

The wage cap was in 2006 was $94,200. The maximum Social Security withholding was 6.2% of that (plus the employer and self-employed people paid another 6.2% match). There

What is the Social Security withholding tax rate?

The withholding amount by the employer from your earnings that are  subject to the old age survivors disability insurance is 7.65% for  the social security and medicare tax

Is an auto allowance subject to ssi withholding taxes?

Generally Yes. It's payroll or an earned income...maybe by another name...but what you call it doesn't fool anyone, or mean anything. It's a taxable fringe benefit. If he ga

Can you receive your pension in addition to Social Security?

Yes. Social Security is not a mean-tested program, but a form of government-administered pension (the retirement benefits, at least) that you paid into through FICA taxes duri

What is the 2008 maximun social security withholding amount?

It's not really a withholding..but more an insurance premium of 12.4% of applicable wages...if your an employee half of that is paid by the employer, if your self employed you