Are ambulances allowed to go through red traffic lights?

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Yes, as long as they are attending an emergency call and check it's safe to proceed.
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Red light laws for motorcycles in TN - can a bike go through a red light after bike has stopped and there is no traffic?

Answer . no it is still a red light and he has to wait for the green to proceed. The above answer is incorrect. If traffic is clear, you may proceed through a red light (a

What order do traffic lights go from red to red?

Red, red and amber, green, amber, red.\n. \nIt depends where you are. In North America, they go red, green, yellow, red. In at least some places in Europe they go red, amber,

What vehicles are legally allowed to go through a red light?

(in the US) Most DMV regulations specify that only so-called "emergency response vehicles" may pass through 'controlled intersections' and then only with their audible and vis

If you approach a red light and a traffic officer you to go through the intersection without stopping you should?

Assuming you are asking if you are directed through the intersection by a police officer, or other certified traffic control person (TCP), you must obey the direction of the p
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Why are traffic lights red for stop and green for go?

"Traffic lights are the colors just so so deal with it" actually they implimented this because normally red would equal danger and green equals "all set" "ready", just like