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Are baby mittens bad for the baby?

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No...they are pretty good at stopping the baby from scratching themselves accidently. There nails grow incredibly fast and they often can hurt themselves otherwise.
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Are baby wipes bad for tanning?

  Nope! I work in a tanning salon that requires all workers to be trained and baby wipes are totally safe to remove makeup before tanning..other then that they wont to any

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There are just too many causes of rashes - we cannot diagnosewithout seeing the child, so your best bet is to go to the doctorand find out.

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it could be an infection or a disease,this affliction should not be overlooked. mouth breaatheing by the babes could lead to bad breath eventually the mouth will dry and the

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ummm... YES... very bad a baby can suffocatte and die and unless you want you want your baby to die keep it away from plastic bags

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is not bad is just not ready for that because a boy need to live more time need to got all the fan he can get when he got 30 years old if he want to get mery and got baby at 3

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