Are cannabis spider mites harmful to people?

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Aside from being bitten, Spider mites are dangerous because they contain many pathogens. This can be fatal to someone who has a compromised immune system. Since these mites kill the plant, growers spray their plants with toxic miticides. Smoking these compounds are a danger to anyone's health.
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How do you kill red spider mites?

Answer . They are tough. I am assuming that you are reffering to a greenhouse situation. Because in nature, these little pests are controlled by mite predators, which are mites themselves. Indoors, it's a little more difficult and sometimes if it's really bad, you have to dump everything and san (MORE)

What are spider mites?

the are mites that feed on plants using a sucking mouth part causing a drop in quality of that plant and potentially killing it. They are a big problem for commercial crop growers and ornamental flower growers.

How do you get rid of spider mites?

Encouraging black ladybug beetles ( Stethorus ), pruning damaged foliage, removing broad-leafed weeds and leaf litter, and treating leafy undersides with home-made or store-bought sprays are ways to get rid of spider mites. The arachnids in question ( Tetranychidae family) may be controlled with su (MORE)

How does cannabis harm you?

Answer . There are no absolute proven facts about the long-term effects of marijuana. The obvious short-term effects are memory loss, euphoria, slow reaction time (which is why you should not drive under the influence of any drug), forgetfulness, laughing when nothing is funny, etc.. But there (MORE)

Are spiders harmful?

NO Answer depending on the type of spider,some spiders are harmless but there are others that are Answer Average house spiders arn't harmful, such as money spiders. But there are many species of venemous spiders found in certain parts of the world ALL spiders are venemous, though many c (MORE)

Is cannabis harmful?

Yes. It deteriorates your mind. You may lose your long term memory, and like all things that you smoke it isn't that great for your lungs either. Cannabis contains 20 times more ammonia, and five times more hydrogen cyanide and nitrous oxides than tobacco smoke. It also may have an effect of preve (MORE)

How do you treat spider mites on citrus trees?

There is a company, Safer, that makes Safer Bioneem and Safer Insecticidal soaps which work well against spider mites. Also another one is called Concern and they are both eco-friendly. I would not use any chemical pesticides since it will get in your oranges. Also, ladybugs are excellent spider mit (MORE)

Why do people use cannabis?

For the seriously or terminally-ill whose bodies can no longertolerate the effects of pharmaceuticals, it is a god-send. For theelderly who have been given scores of drugs to no avail; it isusually their last and only hope. For those addicted to hard drugssuch as narcotics, alcohol, tobacco, tranqui (MORE)

What happens to people that take cannabis?

Well there are the highs and the lows:. HIGHS: Makes you feel happy and relaxed, some people get the giggles, it can make colours and sounds seem brighter and sharper. These can last up to a few hours.. LOWS: It can make you throw up especially if you mix it with alcohol. Some people get anxious a (MORE)

Are bird mites harmful to humans?

Bird mites will infest humans if their host happens to die. Birdmites are harmful to people because they will bite you to get toyour blood.

Does vinegar kill spider mites?

Vinegar is acidic, and will probably kill spider mites, but it may also damage the leaves if you spray it on. A soapy water solution is better for spraying on spider mites than vinegar. Always test one leaf of a plant first, before spraying the entire plant, if using a home-made insecticide.

Are mites harmful?

Well there are different types of mites the large mites are called ticks which are harmful. But most are quite harmless.

Are spider mites harmful for marijuana plants?

Yes, spider mites are harmful to Cannabis. The latch on to the underside of the plants leaves and "suck" life giving sap. Leaves are perforated with multiple insertion points which inhibit chlorophyll production. The marijuana plant will loose partial to full function. Treat with soapy water (Very d (MORE)

Which spiders are harmful?

the yellow spider ,red · Determine the main colors that make up the spider. For example, a black widow spider is shiny and black with a bright red mark underneath that looks like an hourglass. · 2 Determine how many eyes the spider has. Most arachnids have eight eyes, but the brown recluse (MORE)

Are mites and spiders insects?

Mites and spiders are not insects, they are arachnids. While insects and arachnids have many similarities, they also have some obvious differences. Insects have six legs while arachnids have eight.

What about dust mites are people allergic to?

Some people are allergic to them because they carry dust with them and their are people who are allergic to dust so that's how they are allergic to dust mite even though they are very helpful and sanitary

Will hydrogen peroxide kill spider mites?

Hydrogen Peroxide will kill spider mites on plants without hurting the plants. After applying a mixture of 8 ounces of 1.5% hydrogen peroxide/1 gallon water via a pump sprayer, checking under a microscope reveals no motion from the mites. After 24 hours, lots of dead spider mites are visible, (MORE)

Why dont people smoke cannabis?

Industrial grade cannabis or hemp is not psychoactive. Marijuana is in the same plant family but has a much higher concentration of the psychoactive component THC.

Can cannabis harm your unborn child?

Medical doctors will tell you no because it hasn't been tested on pregnant women. I can only speak from my experience. I used cannabis during pregnancy and am still during breastfeeding with my 2nd pregnancy for nausea, migraines, aches/pains and sleeplessness. I used minimal amounts in the form of (MORE)

How do you kill spider mite quick?

1/2 oz. Azamax, 50ml. diamond nector, 2ml. suck it up (penitrator) to 1ltr.water, spray 1 hr. before lights out, and repeat every 3rd. day, the leaves will love you for this mix

Why is cannabis bad for people to smoke?

Because it contains 4 times the amount of carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) that tobacco contains. Not true. In fact the latest research shows that cannabis contains protective agents that mitigate the carcinogenic effects of tobacco smoke.

How does cannabis kill people?

Directly, it doesn't. It is less toxic than alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine. It is not possible to overdose on cannabis. If one were to try, they would fall asleep before getting anywhere near a lethal dose. Indirectly, it could kill in the same way tobacco does: Lung cancer, emphysema, etc. It (MORE)

Why do people sell cannabis?

people sell cannabis to ake money of course, almost all cannabis sellers smoke the substance themselves. by selling cannabis it can allow them to smoke more weed then they normally would for almost free. also atleast in Canada selling weed really isn't a difficult thing to do so if your asking why i (MORE)

What harm is cannabis?

it takes a lot of time out of your life where you are not doing anything useful. on top of that, some people associate a lot of bad things with it and assume a load of crap about it's users, so you might feel more useless if you use it, which was the first reason you started using it anyway. Now get (MORE)

How dust mites can harm us?

For most people, while dust mite may be disgusting, they are not actually harmful. Dust mites do not carry diseases and do not bite. However, the medical significance of dust mites arises because their microscopic body parts and feces are a major component of house dust, along with pollen, spores, g (MORE)

How do you treat red spider mite in chickens?

are you sure it is spider mites? there are powders dusts you can put directly on birds but to get rid of the problem you need to clean and spray the coop area including bedding (all fresh) and laying boxes. I provide my birds with an area where they can take a "dust bath" they dig a hole and throw d (MORE)

Which kinds of spider mites attack poinsettias?

The Lewis mite ( Eotetranychus lewisi ) and the two-spotted spider mite ( Tetranychus urticae ) are the two (2) kinds of spider mites that attack poinsettias ( Euphorbia pulcherrima ). Specifically, the Lewis mite is a very small, yellow-colored insect. The two-spotted spider mite is very sma (MORE)

Is cannabis less harmful than fags?

F*a*g*s is a slang term for tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes are Probably the most dangerous legal substance a person can consume. They are a leading cause of cancer. Cannabis can be dangerous, but, nowhere near as dangerous as tobacco. The Number one reason tobacco is legal in the USA and mar (MORE)

How do you get spider mites?

When the spider lays its eggs inside another living creature, and the nestle inside and enter the blood stream.

Is a dust mite harmful?

The dust mite is not harmful to everybody, but some people develop an allergy to dust mites, which is always described as a "dust" allergy, rather than a dust mite allergy - but it's the mites, not the dust itself, to which some people are allergic.

Why is a spider harmful?

Not all spiders are harmful, only few have venom or other claw like body parts which can inflict damage on human flesh. (e.g. black widow).

Can spider mites on marijuana be fatal?

indeed they can, however it all depends on the severity of the infestation, also indoors they are more of a problem. do a quick search into pesticides that deal with them, these will have to be suitable for edible plants however.

Will a large black spider eat the spider mites in my garden?

Spiders generally eat things that are about their own size or somewhat smaller. If the potential prey is too large then it might fight back and injure or kill the spider. If the potential prey is much smaller than the spider then the spider may be unable to catch it. Spiders do not have hands. Imagi (MORE)

Is a spider mite poisonous?

They are many different types of Spider Mites like Oak Spider mites, which one do you mean? Since I last checked Oak Spider Mites are the only ones to watch out for.

Is a mite a spider?

No. Mites are arachnids, and so are related to spiders, but they are not actually spiders.

Can dust mites bite people?

Dust mites actually feed off of exfoliated skin of humans (and other animals), typically as we sleep. They are microscopic and are fairly harmless. They do not possess the mandibular structures capable of biting humans.