Are ghouts real?

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What is real?

\n. \n. \n"Reality," the concept, is contrasted with a wide variety of other concepts, largely depending upon the intellectual discipline. It can help us to understand what

How real is real?

It's as real as you want it to be . It depends on which theory of study you believe to be the best. . Magic can be real, dreams can be real. But nothing of it is?.

What are the 'Real Real Jesus is Real to You' lyrics?

The most likely song is "Jesus is Real", by John P. Kee. According to LyricsZZ, it goes: Verse 1: Jesus is real, I know the Lord is real to me. Jesus is real, I kn

Are you real?

The idea of what is real and what is not is based upon a person's perception. You know that the events unfolding before your eyes at the movies are not real. You also know tha

Is this real or not?

It is real only if you believe it is. If it's not real your dellusional.

Is 2012 real or not real?

Yes and metors will hit the earth sintis have prooven it so it will hapen people do not beleave witch is wy we are not perpard for tristen may no metors hits earth at

Is this real?

Yes,this is real life and you write this at this moment.
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Who is the real you?

I am what I am, So I must be me. No one can be me Better than myself, you see.
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Is IT real?

tap to get the answer yes and us canable must eat penywise