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Are grapes raisins?

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No but raisins are grapes. Both raisins and grapes started as fruits on vines, but they didn't both get dried.
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Are raisins dried grapes?


If raisin is grape in french is grape raisin?

Yes. The English word 'raisin' comes from the French words 'raisin sec' - 'dry grape', because that's how grapes were generally imported into England, as what we now call rais

Why are dried grapes called raisins?

'raisin' is the French name for grapes. 'raisins secs' is the name for the English 'raisins'

How grapes became in to raisins?

Farmers put raisins out on a fence and put them in a field on the sun and leave them there until the grapes are dried.

Is raisins dried grapes?

Dried grapes are Raisins. Plums are Prunes. Blueberries are Blueberries, bananas are bananas.
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Are grapes healthier than raisins?

Raisins are grapes. They are dried grapes so there is no difference. Actually, since grapes are usually dried on iron, the raisin absorbs some of that iron and hence are "hea