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Are grapes raisins?

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No but raisins are grapes. Both raisins and grapes started as fruits on vines, but they didn't both get dried.
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Is a raisin a fruit?

Yes, raisins are dried grapes. Grapes are fruit, therefore raisons are fruits.

Are raisins nuts or seeds?

Raisins are neither nuts nor seeds; they are dehydrated grapes, meaning grapes that have had most of the water dried out of them.

What will happen if a dog eats raisins?

    Raisins (and grapes) can be toxic to dogs. If a dog eats raisins or grapes he may develop acute kidney failure, a severe gastritis (stomach ache causing vomiting)

Are sultanas healthier than raisins?

  sultanas are dried white grapes and raisins are dried purple grapes so their won't be much difference. eat both at once if you like! :)

Why are raisins wrinkled?

Answer . Raisins are dried grapes, as the grapes dry out they shrink and the skin wrinkles up.

Why cant German shepherds eat grapes and raisins?

Raisins has an unknown toxin which has a devastating impact on a dogs kidneys. Destroying them and causing the body to stop functioning properly. (Raisins are dried grapes by

How are raisins made?

It Depends really, you can get sundried raisins which are grapes left out in the sun until they dry out to form raisins.
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If raisin is grape in french is grape raisin?

Yes. The English word 'raisin' comes from the French words 'raisin sec' - 'dry grape', because that's how grapes were generally imported into England, as what we now call rais
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Can dogs die from eating raisins?

Answer   Yes, as few as 7 raisins can cause renal (kidney) failure in dogs. Never feed grapes or raisins to your dog. It doesn't matter whether the raisins or grapes are
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Why is it dangerous for dogs to eat raisins?

Raisins and grapes can cause liver damage, which can be fatal. There is no outward indication of which dogs are susceptible to this, nor how many raisins or grapes it will tak