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Ground bees stings are not dangerous to your health. Of course, if you are allergic to bee stings, then they would be very dangerous, but generally they are not.
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Why does bees sting?

A bee will sting when it feels threatened. Bees are generally docile. If one flies near you it is very unlikely to sting if you don't make sudden movements towards it, so do

At what point does swelling after a bee sting become dangerous and need attention?

If the sting is not gone or almost gone in a week, or if the sting increases in diameter over 2" or 3", get medical help.   Note that this answer addresses ONLY the questio

What to do after a bee sting?

Put some vinegar on the sting, or use something cold like ice or a  frozen lollipop to cool it and relieve pain. The best thing to use  though is 'Anthisan' its a bite and s

What do you do if you get a bee sting?

If it is definitely a bee sting and not a wasp sting, the first thing to do is remove the barb because as long as the barb is in your skin, the venom will continue to pump int

Where is the sting on a bee?

A bee's stinger is located at the exterior end of its abdomen.

Why is a second bee sting more dangerous then the first bee sting to a person who is allergic to bee stings?

That's really simple: an allergic reaction is when your body responds excessively to something, making way too many antibodies to counter the antigen. When antibodies are made

What to do if you have a bee sting?

if it is a bee sting it is an acid sting so then put vinegar an alkilie will level out the ph [the level of intensity in acid s and alkilies] and if it is a wasp sting put lem

Are ground bees dangerous?

    Answer     Yes they can be dangerous and some people make the mistake of not realizing that they could be wasps or hornets. In British Columbia we have

Is the sting of a female European carpenter bee Xylocopa violacea dangerous?

  In my experience, the day before yesterday morning, not dangerous but painful for a couple of days. much like a wasp sting but with less swelling. However they make a lo
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What is the best First aid for a ground bee sting?

For any bee sting the most important thing to do first is to remove the sting if it has been left behind because it can continue to inject venom for a minute or more after the

How do you treat ground bee stings?

For all bee stings, first start by removing the stinger. Place a  cold compress to soothe the area and reduce swelling. If you have  an allergy, seek medical attention immed