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Are satellite images formed of pixels?

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Given that ALL computer images are formed from pixels, that would be a yes.
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What is a pixelized or pixelated image?

An image is made up of pixels, or tiny squares that each have a  designated color. the pixels are normally so small that you don't  see them. However, sometimes a picture lo

What do satellite images show?

Satellite images can show things like landforms and the outlines of countries. Also, those images can be used in GPS devices to show roads.

How does monitor use pixel to create image?

  A "pixel" is simply a dot. The computer sends a signal to the monitor, causing a bunch of dots to do their thing and when they all come together it makes an image. As th

How are satellite images helpful?

they r helpful as they are made such they go into the space and dont get burrn and get us valuable information about universe

What are satellite images?

Photos taken of Earth from an orbiting satellite
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How do pixels create images?

A pixel is simply a point (it can be circular, square) that is assigned a certain color. Thousands and thousands of these pixels are then placed in a specific row and column.