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Are some diseases caused by evil spirits?

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A case could be made for an evil spirit causing a disease if one considers that certain types of mental illness qualify as a disease. An evil spirit, either a real or an imagined one, could so affect an individual that he is driven to, say, some kind of psychotic break. The critical question is this: will that person's health insurance cover treatment? Answer Centuries ago yes, in some countries it was considered if a person became very ill such as a high fever, was moaning and groaning they were possessed by demons, evil spirits or even witches, only out of ignorance because they didn't understand about new diseases that they had no control over at that time. Now in modern times we realize that some diseases are genetic in factor or caused by other problems such as our environment for one, and there are many treatments for most diseases. However, new diseases are surfacing all the time and will continue to do so. Cures must be found. The above poster left a good post as far as psychological aspects to whether one believes a demon or evil spirit is the cause of their disease. Unfortunately, some religious cults will have you believe that if you are suffering from some form of mental illness (quite common in modern times) that indeed it has to be caused by demons that have entered the body. This is simply not true. Answer For a so called "evil spirit" may be thought as the cause of a disease, the person targeted must believe in evil spirits. It has not been proven the existence of such entities, however, if someone believes that they do exist, a phenomena called Nocebo (reverse placebo) can occur, causing that the believer experience the symptoms of an illness. However, this is a psychogenic creation of the subject's own mind. Answer No! Disease is caused by your thoughts, and so is health. You can find reference to which thoughts relate to which maladies in the book "Permanent Healing". I will provide a link for you. I have much personal experience with this process.
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