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Are there any games like Maplestory?

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I assume, that by "like maple story", you mean a side scrolling mmorpg. The only other one listed on this list ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_MMORPGs ) on wikipedia is LaTale, which unfortunately doesn't ship in English as of now.

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there is wonderking just like but a little less jobs

WonderKing and GhostOnline are like maplestory 2D and sidescrolling.
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Are there any games like travian?

Grepolis is a game like Travian, certainly with better graphics. You may have heard of Tribal Wars. Well, Grepolis is made by the same people, but as an improvement to Tribal (MORE)

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Are there any games like horseland?

Indeed, there are many horse games online. For example there is:Horseisle (Good Game, Ages 7-99, Free/ $)Horseisle 2 (Exactly like the above in info, but for 12+)Howrse (Free/ (MORE)

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Are there any games like heroup?

well if you want some games like heroup i thing :small worlds,war craft,run escape,our world,wizard101 and pirate101 but pirate101 is now closed

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Are there any games like ragnarok?

no and there never will be ragnarok its a one and only except I've heard there are games almost identical if you want them here are the games trickster,secret of solistice,ang (MORE)

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Any games like xivio?

Well, here are the games mydinos meez buildabearville stardoll ( if you're a girl) club penguin habbo NOTE: NONE of these game are like xivio as they aren't 3D. (MORE)