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Are there any games like Maplestory?

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I assume, that by "like maple story", you mean a side scrolling mmorpg. The only other one listed on this list ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_MMORPGs ) on wikipedia is LaTale, which unfortunately doesn't ship in English as of now.

Vcvcvc answer:

there is wonderking just like but a little less jobs

WonderKing and GhostOnline are like maplestory 2D and sidescrolling.
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Are there any games like travian?

Grepolis is a game like Travian, certainly with better graphics. You may have heard of Tribal Wars. Well, Grepolis is made by the same people, but as an improvement to Tribal

Are there any games like heroup?

well if you want some games like heroup i thing :small worlds,war craft,run escape,our world,wizard101 and pirate101 but pirate101 is now closed

Are there any game like Zwinky?

yeh iv got tons here r some :   webkinz,girlsense,runescape,zwinky,boombang,dollwar   neopets,powerpets,adoptme,stardoll,imvu   There are probably plenty. Try these:

Any games like stardoll?

i-dressup.com is a fashion related site. It's pretty much like Stardoll, you can create your own doll, but you can choose a real life doll or a cartoon, unrealistic one. You c

Is there any games like wolfquest?

hiya, ya there is a game better than wolf quest and its on face book, its not made by the face book game making people, its made by simple people on face book who just wante

Are there any games like bully?

Here are some lists of games that are sandbox style like Bully: The Warriors - It has gangs and missions that reminded me of bully. You have hide outs and its completely free

Are there any games like toontown?

Hmmm... Toontown is good but here are some other good ones. Poptropica.com Clubpenguin.com Wizard101.com BuildABearVille.com (need bear from Build A Bear Workshop) V
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Is there any games like witchme?

I know only these: Chobots Fantage Waretraial Girlseng Habbo-Hotel HibiSikiWiki Timjit Only these, I am a child. Hope you enjoy these games!!