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Are there any games like Maplestory?

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I assume, that by "like maple story", you mean a side scrolling mmorpg. The only other one listed on this list ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_MMORPGs ) on wikipedia is LaTale, which unfortunately doesn't ship in English as of now.

Vcvcvc answer:

there is wonderking just like but a little less jobs

WonderKing and GhostOnline are like maplestory 2D and sidescrolling.
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Are there any games like Doodle God?

Yes Try Doodle Devil http://armorgames.com/play/7384/doodle-devil Also there's alxemy. its just like doodle god but you can see the world develop. http://www.kongregate.

Are there any games like ponystars?

All I've found is Foopets.... :'( If this is because www.ponystars.com is no longer available, don't think it has closed down. It's still up -- it's just on a new site www.p

How do you save your game on Maplestory?

You don't have to save your game! Just press Esc and click on Exit Game. When you get to the screen with the servers on it, click Exit at the left bottom corner. It automatica

Any games like stardoll?

i-dressup.com is a fashion related site. It's pretty much like Stardoll, you can create your own doll, but you can choose a real life doll or a cartoon, unrealistic one. You c

Are there any games like Istaria?

Sadly none that i know of... OH! but there is I of the dragon! its not multiplayer and you can only play the demo for free.... the demo is just like the real game but you can

Are there any games like bully?

Here are some lists of games that are sandbox style like Bully: The Warriors - It has gangs and missions that reminded me of bully. You have hide outs and its completely free

Are there any games like wolfquest?

If you want a game like wolf quest these games are the best for you there is "fearl heart" this game is like wolfquest exept you can make a extra cool looking wolf and you can

Are there any games like crossfire?

  yeah there is a game called counter strike 1.6 it is cool so awesome

Is there any games like kaneva?

there is second life, socio town, imvu, moove.co.uk,and frenzoo. smallworlds meez zwinky the sims 2 or 3(download) there others u can check on the internet... also there is in

Are there any games like mirror's edge?

There are games which have similar free-running elements to Mirror's Edge: Prince of Persia (series): Third-person free-running over a stylised Persia (especially so in PoP

Are there any games like ragnarok?

no and there never will be ragnarok its a one and only except I've heard there are games almost identical if you want them here are the games trickster,secret of solistice,ang

Any games like xivio?

Well, here are the games mydinos meez buildabearville stardoll ( if you're a girl) club penguin habbo NOTE: NONE of these game are like xivio as they aren't 3D.