Are there badgers in Wisconsin?

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Of course not. Wisconsin is cause The Badger State because there are no badgers whatsoever in the state.yes there are , the 1st person who answered was wrong , then why would it be called the badger state then ?
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Why is Wisconsin called the badger state?

back in the 1800s, miners dug tunnels into hillsides as they searched for lead and then lived in them during the winter months to keep warm. This reminded people of badgers an

Can badgers be kept as pets in Wisconsin?

While it is legal to keep these nasty creatures as pets in the United States, it is not a good idea. They are nasty creatures that would just as soon rip your hand off as let

Who is the Wisconsin badgers basketball coach?

Bo Ryan, he's in his 9th season with the badgers. The badgers have only lost 11 out of 165 games at the Kohl Center with him as the coach. He is the second longest tenured hea