Are there cheats for Super Mario bro Wii?

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There maybe some cheats or not... Don't know either...
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New Super Mario Bros cheats?

I do know a little bit.... To be Luigi, on the menu, press A with L and R. To get in world 4, beat the boss with mini Mario in world 2 To get in world 7, beat the b

What are some cheat codes for Super Mario bros brawl for wii?

There is a cheat which can unlock you more fighters quicker. Here is how you do it:. Go to Special Brawl . Choose Stamina and Flower as the options. Best if you have nothing

Cheats on new Super Mario Bros Wii?

Hey ppl wanna know a cheat on Mario bros wii...well i found out to get lives quick and easy!!! well frist....go to lvl 2-2 and then get tot the check point then go down where

Are there cheats for new super Mario bros Wii?

cannon to world 5 its easy to get to this cannon its in world 1 the level where you get the yoshis. after the fire flower plant there will be lots of koopas and goombas pat

Cheats for Super Mario Bros wii?

Well one simple cheat is when you are ice Mario or fire Mario, you can just jerk the wii remote up and Mario will do a spin and shoot fire or snowballs out from both sides!

Cheats for New Super Mario Bros Wii?

On World 1-3 (the first Yoshi level) you can get cannon to world 5. Here's how: 1. Start the level as normal until you reach the part where you can jump onto a ledge on Yoshi

Where do you put in cheat codes on new super Mario bros Wii?

Im Sorry. I Was Looking For Every Site For New Super Mario Bros Wii. Cheat Codes, But I Think They Really Dont Have Cheat Code What So Ever. Like I Wish They Made A Game Lot M

How do you get to the cannon on super marios bros wii?

the world 5 cannon is easy. all you do is go to the ghost house. then you go through the halls all the way so you can't go any further. then you go on the bottom hall and go r