Are there groundhogs in Arkansas?

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Yes! I just saw one in my front yard. I wasn't sure what it was - I had to call around and ask. It was as big as my cat - kinda freaked me out!
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How do you get rid of groundhogs?

Getting rid of groundhogs . \nIf you don't want to kill them just call your local animal control they will most likely come pick them up. But if don't mind killing them you can throw large amount of bubble gum in their burrows when they eat it it will clog up their digestive system therefore kill (MORE)

What do groundhogs eat?

My baby groundhog eats bananas, apples, any fruit really. Any typeof rabbit food, leaves, lettuce, bark, and roots. But mostly fruit. The diet of a wild groundhog includes leaves, bark, roots, seeds,saplings, dandelions, cresses, violets, plantains, raspberries,blueberries, apples, cherries, pears, (MORE)

Where is Arkansas?

Arkansas is located in the southern region of the United States and it borders Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and the Mississippi River. The US State of Arkansas is located north of Louisiana. It borders Oklahoma and Texas in the west, and Missouri to its north. Its eastern border is with Mississipp (MORE)

How do groundhogs reproduce?

Groundhogs, scientifically know as Marmota Mona are a family oflarge rodents. As a member of the biological kingdom Mammalia theyreproduce through male fertilization, and the gestation perioduntil the female gives birth is approximately a month. During thistime the mating pair remain together. The l (MORE)

Are groundhogs dangerous?

Groundhogs are not usually dangerous animals. A groundhog is goingto run and hide if it sees a human. Precaution should be taken,however, and the animal not handled because it is an animal and nottame.

What can you feed a groundhog?

Groundhogs in the wild eat succulent green plants, such as dandelion greens, clover, plantain and grasses. They also are tempted by nearby garden vegetables. At Cornell, they dine on Agway Woodchuck Chow, a similar formulation to rabbit feed but in larger-sized pellets. Woodchucks binge and purposef (MORE)

What is a Groundhogs pretender?

Death and ensuing scandal. The original Wiarton Willie lived to the advanced age of 22, and was found dead only two days before Groundhog Day in 1999. The organizers were unable to find a replacement, and instead marked Groundhog Day by revealing "Willie" in a coffin. He had been dressed in a tuxed (MORE)

Are groundhogs destructive?

Very, they will destroy acres of land, and their burrows are dangerous to live stock, and other farm animal, such as horses. If they step in the burrow they can break a leg, and have to be put down

Are groundhogs blind?

Groundhogs are blind at birth but not as adults.. The climb trees to evade predators and to scout their surroundings.

How do you poison a groundhog?

There are many items on the market to kill groundhog including trapping and releasing them. I'd rather kill them outright ... after years of dealing with them, they have destroyed and chewed through my cedar fence, they destroy everything in the yard, I have a huge backyard and I no longer plant ANY (MORE)

How dangerous are groundhogs?

Groundhogs can be as ferocious as other animals. This is especiallytrue if they are provoked. Like badgers and wolverines, groundhogsutilize their claws to attack or keep back predators. While theyappear docile, they can be very brutal if needed.

Do groundhog bite?

Yes, groundhogs do bite, and it's not something that you want to be on the receiving end of.

Where are groundhogs found?

Groundhog's are ususally found in tropical rainforests and in antarctica.. Sometimes they are found under your bed.

Where do groundhog live?

Most groundhogs live in rocky and mountainous areas. There are also those that are low land creatures. Being one of the few species that hibernate, groundhogs usually build burrows in wooded or brushy areas that is dug below the frost line for them to remain at a stable temperature well above freezi (MORE)

Why is their groundhog day?

it is a European "culture" and people follow it here because we have descendants over in usa. the groundhog symbolizes the changing of winter into spring. this year the groundhog saw its shadow, so 6 more weeks of winter! i could live with that(:

Who is the official groundhog for Groundhog Day?

His name is Punxsutawney Phil, named for the town the event is held. Answer: There is no official groundhog. Every local community that wants a local event can find, hire, or fake one, so are actual animals, others are mascots (people in costumes) and some have been dead and stuffed in years pas (MORE)

How big can a groundhog get?

The groundhog typically measures 16 to 26 in long. It can weighweighing 4 to 9 lbs. If it is well fed and has lower danger frompredators, it can grow to 30 inches long and weigh 31 pounds.

What can you do in Arkansas?

Well there are many fun things to do in Arkansas like camping, hiking, trout fishing, birding and many more.Arkansas is a natural state of America.

Why do they have groundhog day?

They have a groundhogs day because way back when they thought that if it was sunny groundhogs day then winter was sure to come (or he sees his shadow) They also thought that if it was cold then spring was on it's way (or he doesn't see his shadow)

What are facts about groundhogs?

1: They are also known as an "Eastern Marmot". #2: They are also known as a "Woodchuck". #3: They are herbivores. 1. They come out during winter to see if spring is coming soon 2. They are really chubby 3. They look like beavers

What are groundhogs enemies?

Many species of snake would find a groundhog very yummy. Hawks and other large predatory birds would love to chomp on one. Medium sized predatory animals such as bobcats and foxes wouldn't mind chewing on one either.

What can you get from Arkansas?

There are lots of things you can get from Arkansas. Food, clothes, entertainment supplies, diamonds (fresh from the ground), eduction, alcohol, jobs, anything WalMart sells. That is a pretty vague question.

Are groundhogs protected?

Yes, they are the national animal of the united states of America. If you kill one, you face a lot of jail time!

What size is a groundhog?

It is about the same size as other grounghogs such as 14 feet or maybe about 16 inches either way that's the size of any groundhog you're looking for.

Do groundhogs live in Arkansas?

Yes, we were in Cherokee Village, there is a groundhog living under the aluminum shed of the house our friends from Canada own. He came out one day into the yard. We fed him apples and left over buns at the entrance to his hole.

What domain is the groundhog in?

The groundhog is a mammal, and all mammals belong to the taxonomicdomain of Eukarya. Eukarya covers all organisms in the Kingdom Animalia, as well asthe Kingdoms Plantae, Fungi and Protista.

What do groundhogs do when they are scared?

I am not sure, however I imagine that they cry and growl. I have one that lives underneath my house and that is what he does. If he does not growl or cry, he is digging a whole.

Why did they called it groundhog?

"Ground" because it lives in an underground burrow. "Hog" or "pig" is a generic word for any animal that is built "close to the ground", like ground hog, hedgehog, quill pig (porcupine), etc.

What is everything about a groundhog?

The groundhog is the largest in its geographical range, typically measuring 40 to 65 cm (16 to 26 in) long (including a 15 cm (6 in) tail) and weighing 2 to 4 kg (4 to 9 lb). In areas with fewer natural predators and large amounts of , groundhogs can grow to 80 cm (30 in) and 14 kg (31 lb). Groundho (MORE)

What can groundhogs do?

well... they can do alot actully they like warm but not TOO warm householding they like vegtable they can be whether VERY sleepy or VERY active when babys their a little difficult If you are serious about helping this baby, find a wildlife rehabilitator. You can find them online by state. you do N (MORE)

Can you smoke the groundhogs out?

Yes you can get regular smoke bombs from your local fireworks or local store me and my dad are about to do this and he used to do when he is you g

What did the the groundhog do?

The groundhog could (at least according to the movie Groundhog Day) predict whether or not there would be an early arrival of Spring that year.

Do groundhogs have families?

Groundhogs don't have families because they're scared of other groundhogs. That is why on groundhog day the groundhog hides if it sees it's shadow.

Do groundhogs get rabies?

Rabies is fairly uncommon on groundhogs but it has happened and Isdefinitely possible. Almost any mammal can get rabies. Animals likemice, rats, squirrels and groundhogs, are not very common to getrabies but can and does happen. Dogs, cats, foxes, cows and othermammals can all get rabies but birds f (MORE)

What is a groundhog-?

A groundhog, is a rodent of the family sciuridae, it belongs to the group of large ground squirrels referred to as marmots, it is also known as a whistle-pig.