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Are veno and cymphonique by master p's wife sonya miller?

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No, Vernen (Veno) and Cymphonique [pronounced. Sym-Pho-Nique]'s mom is Philippine they have a different mother than Romeo, Hercy, Mercy and the other girls.

Vernen is not Master P's biological son, his name is Vernen Green Jr., Vernen is Lerma's son from Vernen Senior who is from the brick homes/Sunnydale in San Francisco. Lerma had him when I believe she was either 14 or 15
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Who is cymphonique miller?

Cymphonique Miller, born in San Francisco, California, is an American actress/singer best known for her role as Kasey Simon on How To Rock. She has been acting/singing since 2

Is cymphonique miller pretty?

well i think she is .i love her my brother think he will have a chance with her. And my older sister is a fan too. Iwent to three of her concerts two years ago. I love her son

Who is veno miller?

Veno Miller is The Brother Of Romeo Miller (Lil Romeo) and Cymphonique Miller (Miss Lil Swagga) And The Son Of Robert Percy Miller (Master P).