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As we know parallel transmission is faster then serial then why serial is replacing parallel?

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There is a greater risk of errors with parallel transmission because especially over longer distances, the bits may arrive at the destination at different times and therefore corrupting the data. Because serial transmission sends each bit one at a time, they always are received in order.
Speed of transmission is not always the driving priority, if the information cannot be reliably transferred to the destination all the speed in the universe is useless.
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IS mouse serial or parallel?

New mice are neither serial or parallel, they are PS/2... So, if you look at the back of the computer it has a different socket than serial or parallel. Only older mice was

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What are the differences between serial and parallel communication?

The difference is that serial transmissions only use 2 wires for transmitting and receiving data, and only 1 for sending or receiving, and can only send one bit at a time. 

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A serial interface uses a single wire for sending data. A parallel interface sends the data bits simultaneously on several ("parallel") wires.\n\n A serial interface uses a s

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Digital data transmission can occur in two basic modes: serial or parallel. Data within a computer system is transmitted via parallel mode on buses with the width of the paral