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4.53 and 4.54 seconds at the 2009 BYU NFL Pro Day, 4.63 at the NFL Combine.
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What is the fastest 40 yard dash time?

The worlds fastest 40mm dash time 3.8sec   _______________________________________________________________________   That is unofficial and unproven   The official

What is a good 40 yard dash time?

The best 40 yard dash times are around 4.2 seconds. A good 40 yard  dash time is anywhere between 4.2 seconds and 5.1 seconds depending  on your football position.

What is the best 40 yard dash time?

Answer   PERSONAL RECORDSOutdoorIndoor   40-yards 4.24 400m 44.59 100m 10.5 500m 1:00.19 200m 20.7 600-yards 1:07.53 WR 400m 44.59 800m 1:46.28* 800m 1:43.20 *American

How to lower the 40 yard dash times?

  Running a fast 40 yard dash doesn't happen by accident. It's a coordinated process that involves strength, flexibility and practice. In this article we're going to cover

What was the the fastest 40 yard dash time?

  There is no official world record for 40 yards, BUT here's some of the material and times that has been reported:   Many reported times are unreliable due to differen

Is my 40 yard dash time good?

usian bolt's 40yd dash time is 4.38. and if your running a 4.9 that is considered quite good. Now if your doing a 60yd a real good time is 6.7. a good time is 7 and so on and