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belle in the feminine and beau in the masculine
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What is beautiful in French?

If you're a guy, you say "beau" and if you're a girl you say "belle" ;) beau(x)/belle(s)   note: "beau" becomes "bel" before a word beginning with a vowel sound, for exam

How do you say beautiful in French?

Answer 1un beau soleil (masc.) > a beautiful sun   un bel homme (masc., but before a vowel sound) > a handsome man   une belle femme (fem.) > a beautiful woman   T

How do you spell beautiful in French?

The translation of beautiful is beau (masculine, as beauté, beauty), but the feminine adjective is belle (also good). For a woman, it would be une belle femme (a beautiful wo

How are you beautiful in French?

  If you are speaking to a man then it would be: You are beautiful (to a stranger) - Vous êtes beau You are beautiful (to a friend) - Tu es beau If you are speaking

What is I'm beautiful in french?

'I'm beautiful' is translated as 'Je suis belle'. 'You're beautiful' is translated as 'Tu es belle'. 'She is beautiful' is translated as 'Elle est belle'.