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Calibration of LPF wattmeter by phantom loading?

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Aim: To Calibrate LPF wattmeter by Phantom Loading. Apparatus: 1) Voltmeter - 300V Digital --> 1 2) Ammeter - 10A Digital --> 1 3) Phase shifting Transformer - 415V/15A --> 1 4) Auto Transformer - 240V/0-270V,10A --> 1 5) Power Factor meter - 230V,10A-Dynamometer --> 1 6) Wattmeter(LPF) - 230V,10A-Dynamometer --> 1 7) Connecting wires Procedure: 1) Keep connections as per circuit diagram. 2) Keep Auto Transformer in minimum position and On toggle Switch. 3) Vary the transformer at Power coil till voltmeter reads rated value. 4) Vary phase shifting transformer to set power factore at 0.2 lag. 5) Now slowly vary the auto transformer at Current coil in Steps. 6) Note the values of wattmeter at each step of current. 7) Repeat the above step till Ammeter reads rated current. 8) Calculate percentage of error. Plot the graph between current and percentage of error, keep current on X-axis and % error at Y-axis. Calculations: Wa = VxIxCosQ watts. Wm = watts. % error = [(Wa-Wm)*100]/Wm. Precautions: 1) Avoid loose connections. 2) Avoid parallax errors.
  • 3) Keep wattmeter and P.F meter in parallel.
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What is LPF?

LPF is Low power factor, which is used to calculate overall power in VA (voltamps) kind of like calculating overall power in watts.

How you measure power factor in three phase load by two wattmeter method?

First of all, you can only measure power factor of a three-phase load, provided that it is balanced load. The power factor can then be found by determining the cosine of the p

How do you calibrate single phase energy meter by phantom loading?

  The phantom loading is that no external load is connected in actual sense and the current and pressure coils are connected seperatly so that it will consume only less po

What is calibration?

  Calibration is the validation of specific measurement techniques and equipment. At the simplest level, calibration is a comparison between measurements-one of known magn

What is meant by phantom loading?

  The phantom loading is that no external load is connected in actual sense and the current and pressure coils are connected seperatly so that it will consume only less po

Why is LPF wattmeter used for no load test?

In case of no load only magnetizing current is flowing which is somewhere around 75 degree out of phase and so the power factor is very low.

What is difference between lpf and upf wattmeters?

LPF wattmeter is used for measuring power in highly inductive circuits & UPF wattmeter is used for measure power in resistance circuit in which the power factor ranges from 0.

What is a calibrate?

To calibrate something usually means making and checking marks using standardized amounts on a measuring device, such as a thermometer.

What is the difference between direct loading and phantom loading?

Phantom loading consits of supplying the pressure circuit from a  seperate low voltage supply. It s possible to circulate rated  current through the curent circuit with a lo
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What is a phantom loading?

it refers to the electric power consumed by electrical or electronic appliances when they are in stand by mode. eg:-tv, computer,laptop.

Application of calibration wattmetre by phantom loding?

When you are building a circuit of unknown reliablity then you will need to test it to find out if it works. The term bech testing is a method of building a ciruit, applying a

How do you calibrate three phase energy meter by phantom loading?

These devices contribute to the energy-wasting phenomenon called "phantom power," or vampire energy. Simply put, this is the power that is used when electronic devices draw en