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While it is certainly possible to do this, most societies would take a dim view of you doing this.
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When did humans begin to cook?

Answer   "Cooking alters food in three important ways. It breaks starch molecules into more digestible fragments. It "denatures" protein molecules, so that their amino-ac

When did humans begin cooking food?

  The oldest generally-accepted evidence for controlled use of fire by humans dates to around 700,000-800,000 years ago and is from the site of Gesher Benot Yaacov in Isra

Best way to cook a human?

Depends whether you are cooking children or adults   females are more tender     Cook it like you would cook beef.   This link will help you prepare the animal f

How do you cook a human?

Boiling them has the best taste but the most common way is frying them on a grill tho that leaves out most of the nutritional value.

Why did humans begin cooking their food?

Humans began to cook because long long ago there was no food so they had to find grass,plants and water to make something to eat that's why they began to cook ok :) every1 kno

Was cooking important to human evolution?

Yes. By being able to cook and produce various foods, the risk of getting sick decreased and allowed for larger populations. This means larger genetic diversity for evolution.

What is the humane way to cook lobster?

Don't cook them when they are still alive. If you take a chef's french knife and put where the tail and the body come together and insert and cut down through head...it kills

Why do humans cook their food?

Most humans choose to cook their food because it prevents them from  getting certain illnesses however not all illness/diseases from  your food. For example most people choo

Is cooking useful on human?

Cooking is useful to human because cooking is an element that people actually do to their Daily life because cooking is part of our life... We actually do this so that we ca

How do you cook human eye balls?

Fry it in grease from the human you killed to get the eye, and if  you prefer some extra taste, add other bodily fluids as well, such  as blood and semen. Top it off with a

How do you cook pig ears for humans?

1 pound pig ears, cleaned (about 4 whole ears) 12 cups water 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, peeled and sliced 1 yellow onion, chopped 1 large carrot, chopped 2 stalks celery 1

Why do humans cook food?

Humans cook food for mainly food safety  reasons. If we ate everything raw, we would get foodborne  illness.