Can Lidocaine patch be used on the feet for pain?

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Yes, my doctor just prescribed them today. I have pain on top of the foot fm big & 2nd toe to ankle (just the foot, not into ankle)- sudden electric shock raw nerve pain w/ movement- no bone issues. Not sure of exact cause, but I do have RA & that does nasty things all over the body, altho it's usually both sides & not just one. Doc said will prob have to have surgery, but we are trying the patches & orthotics 1st to see if it helps.

As to if the Lidoderm patches help, I can't answer that one yet. They were $273 a box- something to think abt depending on your insurance situation & what is causing your pain. At least discuss it w/ your doc.
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Will a Lidocaine patch help with the pain associated with Osteoarthritis?

Yes. although lidocaine patches are pricey and a little dangerous, and the pain relief is short lived. This is a transderm patch, so most people -- doctors too - don't think a

What are lidocaine patches used for?

Relief of from muscle aches and pain but usually prescribed for the after-pain of shingles. Do not use if you have an irregular heartbeat and/or taking medication for it.

Can diabetics use lidocaine patch?

I am a diabetic who also came down with cancer that damaged my back. My pain doctor gave me lidocaine patches for my back and they didn't have a bad reaction. He must have tho

How long can pain patches be used?

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You can't. They have no psychoactive effects, However, This is a transderm patch, so most people -- doctors too - don'tthink about how the lidocaine is delivered. The closer t