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Can a 12V 5-6A device be run with an AC-DC converter rated at 12V 12A?

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As long as the converter (or any power source) is rated at the same voltage, with more current than the device needs.

Sometimes, a device may have a higher initial current surge than it's operating current, keep this in mind. Some converters do a good job handling momentary surge, some don't.
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Can you use a 12V 300mA on a device that require 12V 1.0A?

You might be able to, but you probably *shouldn't*. 1 amp is equal to 1000 mA. The device requiring 1.0A is listing the maximum amount of amps that the device will need from i

Can you use a 12v dc bulb in a 12v ac system?

12-V a.c. is a root-mean-square value, which is exactly equivalent to 12-V d.c., so the brightness of the lamp will be identical, regardless of whether it is connected to an a

Can a 12v battery be used in a 12v device?

the answer is yes as long as the device works on dc current and not ac current if you tell me what the device is i might be able to help further

Can you use a 15V adapter for a 12V device?

You might overpower the 12 volt device, thus shortening its life. If it is a very sensitive device, you might burn it out almost immediately.
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How you convert the 220v AC to 12v DC?

First you need a step down transformer. A step down transformer has less turns of copper in secondary then in primary.  You can calculate with this formula # of primary turn

What device uses 12v 6 pin connector?

A six in or in some cases, eight pin, power connection are used by various video cards which are almost universally PCI Express cards. These are needed to supply power when th