Can a 12V 5-6A device be run with an AC-DC converter rated at 12V 12A?

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As long as the converter (or any power source) is rated at the same voltage, with more current than the device needs.

Sometimes, a device may have a higher initial current surge than it's operating current, keep this in mind. Some converters do a good job handling momentary surge, some don't.
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How do you convert 240 AC to 12v DC?

Depends what current out you want. Step-down transformer and a bridge rectifier and smoothing curcuit, or switch mode supply. Spend less than a tenner and buy a battery charge

How do you convert 12v DC to 5v DC?

"How do you convert 12v DC to 5v DC?" . Simple use a 2.25 ohm 25watt ballast resistor;renault used them to drop the voltage for the Engine control computers.

How you convert the 220v AC to 12v DC?

First you need a step down transformer. A step down transformer has less turns of copper in secondary then in primary.You can calculate with this formula # of primary turns/V

How do you convert 220 ac to 12v DC?

You'll probably have to have a step-down transformer to take the 220vac down to 110vac. Then you'll have to have an Ac to Dc converter box to change the Ac to Dc volts. The

Can you use a 12v dc 500mA powerpack on a device that required a 12v dc 1A?

By power pack, I'm assuming that you mean transformer or power adapter? It's not recommended. One of three things may occur - 1) The powered device will fail due to undercur

Convert 24V DC to 12V DC?

24V to 12V 400W DC Inverter . 24V to 12V 400W DC Inverter . 24V to 12V 20A 400W DC to DC Inverter. Does little to change my PV system 12v 24v me the problem arose of what

Can you run a 12v device off 13.8v?

Yes, if the device has a built in step down transformer. Think of it this way, the electricity in your household is a typical 230v. Mobile phones tend to use 6v of electricity

How do you convert 12v DC in to -12v DC?

You cannot convert 12VDC to -12VDC. However you can get these two voltages simultaneously by using a centre-tap transformer secondary. One half of the centre-tap, depending on