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Can a German style build brick house survive a tornado?

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It depends on how strong tornado is. The house would not stand a chance against an EF4 or EF5 tornado, and would likely be partially destroyed by a high EF3. Anything EF2 or lower would be unlikely to do more than remove the roof.
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Why build a house out of brick?

BRICK: · Conforms to different designs / shapes. · Non-flammable. · Waterproof. · Strong. · Long-lasting. · Inexpensive. · Doesn't conduct e

Will A brick house survive beside a vinyl sided House destroyed in a tornado?

It depends on the intensity of the tornado and the specific construction of each house. Both houses would likely survive an EF2 or weaker tornado, though may lose their roofs.

Can a brick house survive a tsunami?

It depends on the scale of the tsunami, the topography, the placement the house, the construction of the house. Even brick houses can be poorly constructed.

Why are bricks used to build a house?

Bricks are used in order that the buildings can be sustained for a long time. As well as this they use bricks because they have many useful qualities, for example they are:

Can a f3 tornado knock over a brick house?

Yes. An F3 or EF3 tornado will knock down or remove walls from most houses, brick or otherwise. In most cases of F3 damage, though, at least some interior walls remain standin

Can a tornado pick up a brick house?

Yes, it is possible but it would take a very powerful tornado to do  so. One of at least EF4 strength if the house isn't well anchored.  If it is well anchored it would like

Who builds houses with bricks?

Many construcional companies and building experts use bricks  during house building. It is very common and old method which are  follow by many builders during construction.

Will a brick house survive better than vinyl sided in a tornado?

It is better to say that a brick house is more likely to survive.  There are a number of factors at work. A house built of brick is  not necessarily better built, as it may

Can an EF5 tornado do brick damage but leave the house?

Yes. The rating of a tornado only refers to the worst damage that  it causes. Usually only a small percentage of strucures in an EF5  tornado will actually be struck by EF5

How do buildings survive tornadoes?

There are a number of factors. One of the major factors is how hard  a building is hit. Most tornadoes are technically classified as  "weak" with ratings of EF0 and EF1 and