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Can a brown haired brown eyed mom and a brown haired hazel eyed father have a blonde haired blue eyed baby?

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it is possible if someone related to you has blue eyes or if someone has blonde hair but i wouldn't worry about it because if you have a brown hair baby it will still be pretty some of the most beautiful people in the world have brown hair and eyes.
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Can 2 people with hazel eyes brown hair have a blonde hair blue eyed baby?

Yes, as eye color includes family history too, though your method may work coincidentally or instead of what I said! Yes they can.. Both my parents have black hair and dark

What is the likelihood of having a blue-eyed baby with blond hair if the mother and father both have blue eyes with brown hair that was blond from birth-6 years old?

blue eyes very likely, blond hair, not lucky- will turn out brown as brown hair is the dominant allele in a brown-blond pair of alleles (see genetics, hair color, wikipedia).

Can a blue eyed mom and a brown eyed dad have a hazel eyed baby?

Since things like eye color are genetic, they can be passed down from generation to generation and even skip generations. My wife has green eyes, I have brown and our three ch

If a mother and father both had brown hair and brown eyes what are the odds that they would have two blond hair blue eyed children?

\nLight hair and eye colour are what is known as 'recessive' - that is, one can carry the gene for them and yet not have them. These can then be passed on to children. If two

IS it possible for brown eyed brown hair mother and hazel eyed brown hair father to have blue eyed blond hair child?

bad luck mate....:S -Yes. It just means that both parents are heterozygous for both traits. Meaning they each have a dominant allele and a recessive allele for each trait.

Can brown eyed brown hair parents have blue eyed child?

Yes. Everyone has dominant and recessive genes so if both parents recessive gene is blue-eyed and those genes got 'together' then the child will be blue-eyed. This goes for ev

Can a hazel eyed brown haired father and a blue eyed brown haired mother have a blonde haired blue eyed child?

yes it is a possibility, however small. the chance of the "colours genetics" as i like to call it, of each parent showing in their child is forty, forty two percent, and the 6
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Brown hair and brown eyed Asians?

Mainly because, if you have brown hair, it is most likely you inherited it from parents or ancestors. Or dyed it and maybe u bleached it by sitting under the sun so your hair