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Can a child get baptized without the fathers consent?

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How can a mother get a passport for a child without the fathers consent?

A request must be made of the court to override his power to object, or to remove his parental rights and responsibilities. Because most countries, including the US, do not h

Can a mother take a child out of the country without the fathers consent?

(in the US) Customarily, yes. The baby would need a passport to leave the country and a US passport cannot be issued to the baby without the consent of both parents. HOWEVER -

Can a father take child out of state without mothers consent?

Provided it is just for a trio or vacation, and not a permanent move, then possibly yes. In other circumstances no. It depends a lot on marital status, legal custody, and any

Why are children baptized without their consent?

To ask this is like asking why are Jewish boys, only 8 days old, circumcised without their consent, or really, anything as children are not yet capable of giving consent, that

Can a child be baptized in a Catholic Church without parental consent?

No, not under normal circumstances, which is not to say that there might not occur extraordinary circumstances under which it might happen, but that would be up to the pastor,