Can a criminal case be reopened after it is settled?

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The court can reopen a defendant's case or order a new trial only under certain circumstances. For example, evidence discovered since the trial that could not have been discovered before now and the results in the original trial would likely have been different.
You may not be charged for the same crime twice.
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What does reopening a bankruptcy case mean?

Answer . Usually, it means that more debt has been found, or it has been decided that debt already known can be included\nin the bankruptcy case. See the attorney filing t

Can a criminal case be reopened once its been dismissed?

It depends on if it was dismissed with prejudice (no reopen), or dismissed wihout prejudice (can be brougt again). Some criminal cases are 'filed' or 'continued without a find

Can a civil case be reopened if disposed?

Under certain circumstances a civil case can be reopened. A party may be relieved from a final judgment in cases of mistake, inadvertence, surprise or excusable neglect. If su

Can criminal cases be settled at a status hearing?

Yes, and it frequently happens. As the evidence in the case develops during discovery the prosecution and the defense become aware of the case's strength and weakness. This of

Can you reopen a child support case?

In Texas you cannot reopen a closed child support case, but you can refile for child support through the Attorney General's office at any time.

If a criminal case is dismissed but detective threatens you to reopen it if you do not help build a stronger case on your husband is it legal for him to recharge you and re-arrest you?

This wording is changed but is very little different from the original question. It is becoming more obvious that there is more to this question than the writer is revealing.

If criminal case-non violent gets dismissed and detective threatens to reopen and charge you if you dont help build stronger case on husband is that legal?

Question is not clear - too much conflicting info - define "threaten." If a case is "dismissed," it cannot be "re-opened," it would require re-filing the same charge (which wo

If criminal case of violent gets dismissed by the judge and the DA reopen and charged you again for the same thing twice is that legal?

It all depends on the manner in which the original case was "dismissed." If it was Dismissed WITHOUT prejudice , that means that the judge found some legal deficiency wit

You settled a carpal tunnel case can it be reopened?

Would depend on what kind of "settlement" you agreed to and your specific work comp state laws, but typically no. That's why it's called a settlement in full etc.. . Now if y

Criminal case dismissed. Will it be reopened. How long could DA wait for reopening it. Is there any risk of trying to expunge the arrest record now?

There are several means by which cases can be "dismissed." After a case has been actually presented to court, a judge can do two of them: 'Dismissal WITH Prejudice' and 'Dismi
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Can a dismissed with prejudice case be reopened?

A case dismissed with prejudice means it can not ever be brought again. A case dismissed without prejudice may be brought again as long as the statute of limitations governing
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How do you get an unsolved murder case reopened?

There is no 'statute of limitations' on Homicide cases. A murder case is one type of case that is never 'closed.' If you believe that you have new evidence or information whic
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Can a Federal Case be reopened?

It depends on the type of case, how it was closed, when it was closed, and if you have a good reason to reopen.