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Can a fish drown?

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  • A fish would drown in water that is not sufficiently oxygenated.
  • Actually the question is not a silly as it sounds and does not only occur when there is not enough oxygen in the water. Under the right conditions (or in this case, the wrong conditions) a fish can actually drown just as surely as a human can. Drowning is caused by suffocation in a body of water, it is accurate to say a fish that is starved of oxygen while in the water has in fact drowned. Fish breathe by taking in oxygen from the water and if the body of water they are living has a depleted oxygen supply, then the fish must either move to a new, oxygen rich area, or drown. During summer months in particular, the deep lakes' oxygen supply can easily become depleted due to animal respiration and decay of vegetation. This causes large groups of fish to die, as they very often refuse to move out of the oxygen-less region. There are even some species of fish that have developed such complex respiratory systems that they can only breath outside of the water. Fish, such as the Climbing Perch fish, can get out of a body of water and survive on land, but many need to breathe our air as well as gaining oxygen in the water. If these fish are forced to stay under water, they will not gain the necessary oxygen they need to survive, resulting in the fish drowning. The Climbing Perch have a respiratory system that is dependent on our oxygen rich air and the fish will drown if forced to stay underwater for to long, no matter how much oxygen is in the water.
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Can Fish drown?

fish can drown if you poke it in the eye.

Can you drown a fish?

Yes, but only when you pull it backwards and it gets to much water in its gills Whoever said that is retarded, that would be like a human coughing to death. A fish can drown

Can a fish drown in water?

Yes a fish can drown if they are kept in water completely devoid of oxygen and they are unable to get to the surface to desperately gasp for their lives. Fish breathe oxygen,

Can beta fish drowned?

  beta fish cannot drowned. even if you take the out of the water for like 5 sec. and put them back in the water they will still be alive, frightend, but alive.

Can fishes drown?

yes, it is possible to drown a fish because if you have one in a fish tank and cover up the air whole suction tight, then they cant breathe.

Can a fish drown in water if they get a hole in their fin?

A fish will not drown in water if it gets a hole in its fin. Lots of fish (like piranhas) nip holes into other fish's fins as a source of food because fins grow back quickly.

Could fishes drown?

No a fish can not drown, Drowning is death from asphyxia due to suffocation caused by a liquid entering the lungs and preventing the absorption of oxygen leading to cerebral