Can a girlfriend be claimed as a dependent on federal income taxes?

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Who can be claimed as a dependent on a federal income tax return?

Answer . \nOfficially: A person, other than the taxpayer or the taxpayer's spouse, for whom an exemption can be claimed. To be your dependent, a person must be your qualifying child or qualifying relative. For more information, see Exemptions for Dependents in Publication 501.\n. \nAnd I'll try (MORE)

Can a parent be claimed as a dependent for federal tax purposes if they receive social security?

Answer . To be your dependent, a person must be either your qualifying child or your qualifying relative. Generally, a person is your qualifying relative if that person:. Lives with or is related to you, . Does not have $3,300 or more of gross (total) income, . Is supported (generally more tha (MORE)

Can you claim yourself as a dependent on taxes?

You can claim yourself - as long as you are not also claimed by someone else (typically a parent or guardian).. For instance - a 21 year old who is a full time student, but earned $5,000 working part time, could be claimed as a dependent on his parents' return as long as they were providing at leas (MORE)

Can you claim your domestic partner as a dependent when filing your federal income taxes?

Yes, providing he or she meets all of the requirements for dependent, it does not matter that the relationship is "domestic partner." You may not specify "domestic partner" as the relationship on the form (it's not a choice on the digital form), but instead use "other." Requirements for dependent st (MORE)

How many dependents can you claim on a federal income tax return?

2. You can claim more than 2, it depends how many actual dependents you have living in the household.. The term "dependent" means:. A qualifying child, or . A qualifying relative. . You can claim an exemption for a qualifying child or qualifying relative only if these three tests are met.. De (MORE)

If you are claiming 0 dependents does this mean you will be getting a larger amount of income tax?

You don't get income pay it. You may get a refund of OVERPAID estimated tax, like getting money back when you use a $20 bill to pay a $10 charge. You paid $12.. It doesn't make a difference what you claim onyour W-4, the amount of tax you actually pay is determined by your 1040 return..... (MORE)

Can you claim a domestic partner as a dependent on your income tax return?

Yes. If he or she meets all the other criteria for dependency, then the fact that you are domestic partners will not prevent you from claiming your dependent. Some requirements are: you must live together, you must provide at least half of the other person's living expenses, the dependent's income m (MORE)

If you're a dependent on someone else's income tax return can you claim dependents as well?

No . If you're being claimed as a dependent on someone else's tax return, then you can't claim dependents. There are two types of qualifying dependents. One is a Qualifying Child , which includes children, stepchildren, foster children, siblings, and their descendants (grandchild, niece, nephew). T (MORE)

Can you claim income tax in a bankruptcy?

It's not's have to -. A basic, rough primer:. BK is always done under FEDERAL Laws, in a Federal Bankrutpcy Court. Basically State makes little difference. (Yes the BK Courts operating in certain areas have certain special exemptions and such, minor in the overall, generally intended to m (MORE)

What is the income requirement to be claimed as a dependent?

There are two types of dependents: Qualifying Child and Qualifying Relative. There's no income requirement specified for being claimed as a Qualifying Child. Instead, the person claiming the Qualifying Child provides over half of the child's support. A child who isn't eligible as a Qualifying Child (MORE)

Who can claim Head of household on a federal income tax return?

To file as head of household, these are the general rules: . You have to have paid for more than half of the householdexpenses. . You have to be unmarried for the tax year (typically eithernever married, divorced, or separated for at least 6 months).Military postings and prison incarcerations don' (MORE)

If a child is claimed as a dependent how much can he earn before he is required to file a federal income tax form?

Assuming this child is unmarried, under 65, and can be claimed as a dependent on someone else's income tax return (for example, his parents' income tax return), a federal return is required if ANY of the following is true: 1) Unearned income is more than $900. 2) Earned income is more than $545 (MORE)

Do you have to claim your earnings from an estate on your federal income taxes?

By earnings from an estate, you probably mean your inheritance. The answer is no. But if the estate itself has earnings (for example, it earns interest in its bank account or it sells property for a profit), you may have to pay federal income tax on your distributive share of the earnings. You al (MORE)

Can you claim a dependent in jail on your taxes?

The IRS accepts certain temporary absences in meeting requirements for the amount of time your dependent lived with you. Temporary absences are allowed for special circumstances. These exceptions include school, vacation, business, medical care, military service, or detention in a juvenile facility. (MORE)

What can I do about someone illegally claiming my mother on federal income tax using her SSN?

I assume you are saying that someone claimed her as a dependent on their tax return? Don't worry about what anyone else did. If you (or somebody else) are entitled to claim her on your return, then just file your own return claiming her. If this other person already claimed her, you won't be able (MORE)

Can you claim your wife as dependent on taxes?

Your wife is not a dependent, however, you can file a joint return (meaning that you and your wife file a single tax return for both of you) which will effectively give you a tax benefit for supporting your wife (assuming that you do support her).

What can you claim on your federal income taxes?

Itemized deduction using the Schedule A of the 1040 tax form. If it is used it is an attachment to the federal 1040 income tax return Schedule A itemized deductions of the 1040 federal income tax return and would be used when it would benefit you if your total itemized deduction amount is more tha (MORE)

If salary is 29144 how much federal taxes should be paid if claiming 0 dependents?

You are the only one that has all of the necessary information that will have to be reported on your income tax return for the year in order to do the calculation for the numbers that you are looking for. If you would like to do some estimated tax calculations you would need to go to a (MORE)

Do you have to claim income a dependent made?

Not on your income tax return. But the dependent may want to file the dependents own income tax return claiming the dependents income on it. The dependent cannot claim the dependent own exemption on the dependent own income tax return and will have to make sure that the dependent indicates on the (MORE)

If a child is claimed as a dependent how much can he earn before he is required to file a federal income?

A dependent on another taxpayer income tax return with unearned income interest, dividends, capital gains, gross rental income, taxable social security benefits, unemployment compensation, gambling winning and misc income, etc of more than 950 must file an income tax return and report all worldwide (MORE)

Can a person age 19 be claimed as an exemption on federal tax forms as an IRS dependent?

Yes if and when all of the necessary rules have been met by each taxpayer that is named on the 1040 income tax return. Not as a IRS dependent but as a dependent on the qualifying taxpayers income tax return that qualifies to claim the 19 as an dependent for the exemption amount on the 1040 income ta (MORE)

Can your fiance claim you on his income tax?

Most likely not. The instruction booklet for filling out your tax forms goes into considerable detail about what criteria have to be met in order to claim someone as a dependent. If you meet those (and no one else is claiming you) then he may be able to. However, he can't claim you in the sense of (MORE)

Do I claim my SSI on my income tax?

Supplemental security income (SSI) is different from Social Security benefits and is not reported on federal tax returns. See Sources and related links for more information.

Can you claim parents as dependents for income tax purposes?

There are a set of rules in the tax instructions for determining whether or not someone qualifies as your dependent. They have to do mainly with whether they lived with you or not, and whether you contributed more than 50% of their support or not, and whether they had income of their own (and how mu (MORE)

Who can be claimed as a dependent for federal tax?

Children, typically minors ans While the above may be one type of dependent (and also may not), it is by no means the only type. Broadly there are 2 forms, each with different qualifications. Your dependent children & relatives, (which has a surprisingly broad definition). For example, c (MORE)

Can you claim a dependent that files taxes?

You may claim a dependency exemption for each qualifying child or qualifying relative. If you are the dependent of another taxpayer, you cannot claim any other person as a dependent. The qualifying child or relative must be a citizen, resident alien or national of the United States, or a resident (MORE)

Do you claim rent on income taxes?

Residential rent is not deductible. You can deduct any rent used for business purposes such as office rental, equipment rental, vehicle rental, etc.

Can you claim your pets on your federal income taxes?

If by "claim" you are referring to an exemption, the answer is no. Since your animals are pets , you may be able to deduct related moving expenses (assuming you moved during the year). If you have a service animal (eg seeing eye dog), some expenses may be deductible. If you have a working animal (MORE)

What is the best estimate of a federal tax return with 8800.00 income and dependents?

With dependants and an income of $8800.00 you will probably get back everything you had withheld and you may qualify for earned income credit which will get you more back. It's not a good idea to try an estimate your taxes. It is worth your while to take it to H&R block or someone like that to make (MORE)