Can a sibling be held liable for another sibling's debts if the deceased sibling was not married had no children and left no assets or any estate?

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No, a sibling will not be responsible for the debts. The estate is responsible for the debts. If the estate has no assets, the creditors will not get paid. If there are not enough assets to pay the debts, the beneficiaries will not receive anything.
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Who receives your deceased father's share of your deceased grandmother's estate when he and his two siblings were left her house in the state of Pennsylvania?

Answer . \nIt really depends upon the contents of a will and how the property is titled under the wording of the deed. Generally property held jointly passes directly to t

Are children or siblings responsible for deceased estates?

As long as the children are adults and there is no surviving spouse the children would qualify to probate the estate. If there was no will one must petition to be appointed th

What happens when a grandparent has left property to their kids and now their is only one sibling left does the estate get divided amoungst the children of the siblings or with the remaining sibling?

You need to consult with an attorney who can review the will, make certain it was properly probated and make a determination as to the present title holders. In order for the

Do the children of a deceased sibling inherit when the sibling dies without a will?

Generally, yes. The property passes according to the state laws of intestacy. You can check the laws in your state at the related question link. Generally, yes. The property

In a CA case where there are 2 children and the deceased is not married what happens if the oldest child transfers power of attorney to his Mom does the entire estate go to the younger sibling?

If the decedent had two children and no will the estate would pass to his children equally according to the state laws of intestacy. If one child granted a power of attorney t
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Are siblings responsible for deceased sibling's debt?

No, not unless they have signed a joint mortgage (you borrowed money jointly) with the deceased sibling. A dead person's debts are settled out of the person's estate. Ifthe e
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Is there any way to find out if a sibling disposed of a deceased siblings will?

You would need to ask the person you suspect and perhaps intimidate them into producing the Will. Otherwise, there is no definitive way to discover if a person destroyed a dec