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Can an adult child get deceased parent retirement?

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It depends on the details, but for most pensions, benefits stop with the death of the individual concerned, or possibly upon the death of their spouse.
So, probably not.
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Is an adult child responsible for the debts of a deceased parent when they have joint ownership of a home?

Answer . \nThe home could be in jeopardy for creditor action depending upon how the deed is worded and the laws of the state in which the property is located.\n. \nIt wou

How does an adult child cash a deceased parents check written to the deceased?

Open an estate with the probate court. Request to be appointed as the executor. The court will issue a letter of authorization that will allow you to cash the check on behalf

What rights does an adult child have living in the home of deceased parents with no will?

Anyone living in such a home has only the rights granted by the heirs who acquire the home under the local statutes of intestacy. If they want you evicted immediately, they ca

Are parents responsbile for the medical bills of a deceased adult unmarried child?

The laws may vary from state to state but typically anyone over the age of 18 is responsible for their own bills and the parents are not. An unpaid medical bill is no differen

How does an adult child deposit a check made out to a deceased parent into a shared checking account?

In most countries you can not do this because it is not legal to cash a check made out to a deceased person. What needs to be done is that the executor of the deceased estat

Should adult child of a deceased parent transfer savings account to the living parent?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing more information. Were you the Executor of the deceased's parent estate? Was the will probated? Who's name (or names) wa