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Can an adult child get deceased parent retirement?

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It depends on the details, but for most pensions, benefits stop with the death of the individual concerned, or possibly upon the death of their spouse.
So, probably not.
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Is a surviving parent responsible for the debt of a deceased child in Pennsylvania?

No - the FDCPA mandates that collections can only be performed against the debt holder. If any collection agency contacts you and says you are liable, record the phone call (g

Are adult children responsible for deceased parents debt in Arizona?

Unlikely but the estate may have obligations. The question itself is very vague. Do you mean medical bills? Credit card bills? Utility bills? Exactly what type of debt? No on

Can an illegitimate adult child sue their parent for unpaid child support?

In some cases it is possible for an adult to sue a non compliant parent for child support arrearages. However, there must be established paternity and a child support order i

Can an adult child sue for the wrongful death of a parent in Florida?

  Yes. The Florida Wrongful Death Act allows a child to recover for loss of support and services, regardless of how old that child was when the parent passed away. You sho

What rights does an adult child have living in the home of deceased parents with no will?

Anyone living in such a home has only the rights granted by the heirs who acquire the home under the local statutes of intestacy. If they want you evicted immediately, they ca

How much should parent spend on adult child gifts?

  Nothing! An adult child is an adult and just a card should be fine.   Answer   No matter how old your child is, if you feel you want to give them a gift then do

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How does the adult child cope with an elderly narcissistic parent?

    * Narcissistic is used too freely. If your mother always had Narcissistic characteristics that is one thing and you may have to choose to stay away from her al

Parents rights over an adult child?

  In the US, parents have no rights over an adult child unless that adult child has been declared mentally incompetent by the court and the parents were appointed guardian

How can a parent remove an adult child from the home?

  You would follow eviction practices and change the locks if they do not move out willingly. A soft landing would be to help them with first and last months rent but not

In the State of Kentucky when a minor child dies and the parents are divorced with joint custody what happens to money that the deceased child had invested?

    Answer     I am sorry for the parents loss. But I hope that they are not fighting about the money. A good thing to do with the money would be that neither

How does a parent get custody of their mentally and physically disabled adult child?

I have son 37 yrs old that had cerebrel stroke in Dec. he spent up to march the 3rd in UAB hospital, and it came time to release him to a rehab facilatey, and his common law w