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No. Body piercings them selves done by professional body piercers will not cause death. Death is the result of a series of situations coming together to cause death to occur. A piercing alone will notcause death, however because the needle was not sterilized, an infection started in the piercing, and was not treated in a timely fashion the person died from septic shock. See there had to be several things coming together to cause one event.

So Saturday night the girls had a sleep over, Susy got her mom's ear piercing gun from work and the girls sat around giving each other ear piercings. Taylor and Julie both got horrible infections in the ear cartilage because the were sharing the same piercing studs in the new ear piercings. Taylor went to the hospital to get her ear looked at, Julie didn't say anything about hers till she passed out in Gym class from the infection.

See there is always a story behind any event, truth is that Suzy's and idiot and Taylor and Julie aren't that much brighter. But the point is body piercing alone will not do any harm in the hands of a professional, leave it to some air heads who "think they can do it at home" and well, any thing can happen. Death is not common in body piercing, but stupidity is very common.
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