Can dentists afford expensive cars?

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What an odd question? Just about anyone can afford an expensive car if they (a) are willing to save up for it, and (b) are willing to sacrifice life's other experiences/objects!
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How do you know how much can you afford to spend on a car?

A good rule of thumb: your monthly auto loan payment should not be more than 20% of the money you have available each month after you pay for your usual living expenses ? rent or mortgage, utilities, food and transportation, credit card payments, etc. When reviewing your budget, you should also take (MORE)

How can you decide if you can afford another car?

Answer . \nIf you can pay cash, then you can afford it.. Answer . That answer is a bit lacking. If you have cash, you can afford to pay cash. Look at your current income, and expenses. If you are running a surplus after all expenses fixed (mortgage or rent, utilities etc) are paid, and you (MORE)

What is the most affordable car on the market?

In terms of price and fuel economy, I would advice that you check out smaller cars. They are affordable and can give you a good mileage. A good example for this are the Smart Cars. Though small, it can give you a good mileage, its cheap and it scored 5 stars in its safety/crash test. You may conside (MORE)

Where can you find a good dentist for implants in Mexico who is not too expensive?

If one decides to go to overseas for a major dental treatment, atrusted resource in medical travel like PlacidWay can provideinformation on quality facilities in popular medical traveldestinations as well as the cost of treatment, especially inMexico. Their website helps you track down average denta (MORE)

What do you do if you can't afford your car payments anymore?

Answer . Sell it on your own. You may not be able to sell it for the amount owed, but work out a deal with the bank to finish paying for the vehicle at a reduced rate after it's sold. Most lending institutions would much rather work out something than have it go into bankruptcy. That, plus it's (MORE)

Can you return a car if you cannot afford it?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIf you have driven it/owned it for any length of time, no dealership will just 'take it back'.\n. \nYou can always sell it (dealership or private party) and perhaps recoup a bulk of your money. Visit for the value of your car so you know what you can expect to sel (MORE)

What types of cars can veterinarians afford?

This depends somewhat on the type of work the veterinarian is in. However, with prudent financial planning, the vast majority of veterinarians can afford pretty much any car they want to buy.

How much of a car payment can you afford?

That would be an amount less than or equal to the most I can pay each month and yet keep the creditors away with annoying phone calls inquiring when the next payment will arrive.

How much car can a lawyer afford from their salary?

What kind of car a lawyer can afford depends on the lawyer's incomeand debt. Many lawyers in the United States graduate from lawschool needing to repay student loans, which reduces the amount ofmoney they can spend on a car.

How do you afford dentist with no insuance?

You should check out this website, It is not insurance but a medical/dental discount plan. It allows you to get discounts for dental, vision, chiropractic, prescription and physician visits. The plans start at $14.95/month for individuals or $19.95/month for an entire household up to 20 people relat (MORE)

If you can not afford your car loan can you renegotiate?

Certainly.. You can renegotiate OR modify your existing plan. I would suggest you to get an OPTION REPORT from "Autorelifgroup". With which you will come to know your options. Use this link for more information.. Ronny

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What is the expensive car?

The most expensive car is Bugatti Veyron with the price of 1,700,000 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!. This is the most powerful, most expensive and the most fastest street-legal production car in the world!!!!!!!!!!.

How can you afford your first car at 17?

Get a job if you don't already have one. Save your money for both the cost of the car and insurance. Buy the car and keep some money saved for scheduled service and unscheduled repairs.

What are car expenses?

it might be referring to the fact that the cost of a car is not only that of the car itself, but also car expenses. For example: preventive maintenance (oil changes, fluid level maintenance, etc.), repairs, cost of fuel, insurance, registration, etc.

What affordable car rides the best?

I cant really judge you, so i cant tell what is an affordable car for you, but i would say buy a European car ( BMW, Mercedes, Audi ), if not a new one a second hand one.

What is the expenses of car?

you need lots of money, but most of its not where you think. If you can learn to do some simple self repairs, you can save a whack of cash. also, dealerships charge an arm and a leg for almost everything, so if you can find somewhere reputable that's cheaper, by all means. The single most expensive (MORE)

What is an affordable and good sounding car speaker?

Before you choose a system go to 3 or 4 different audio places take a CD with the type of music you listen to the most. And listen to some different setups. The sales men will be more than happy to help you. They want your money.... There is some really great stuff out there and some really crappy s (MORE)

Are electric cars safe and affordable?

Electric cars are as safe as petrol cars. The voltage of the batteries may be an issue in an accident but can be more easily contained than a petrol spill. The price will come down as battery technology and manufacturing improves. Lithium is a very common element, and lithium batteries are good tech (MORE)

What are some cute affordable sports car?

Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Beetle any sports car from the 1960s to the 1980s are pretty cheap... well there affordable but ugly as hell don't you think omfg yall people don't know nothing that's why you don't make anything of your selfs sh** yall are stupid as fu**

What made cars more affordable in the 1920s?

Mass production What made cars more affordable in the 1920s? a. increased demand on cars b. stock market increases c.assimbely line production d.low-skilled factroy workers Answer : c. assimbely line production

Is it possible for women to get affordable car insurance?

It is possible for women to get affordable car insurance. I think it is cheaper for a woman to get car insurance than it is for a man to get car insurance as a matter of fact. Contacting an insurance company for quotes will help you.

Is there affordable car insurance in New York?

Affordable car insurance can be found in every state. Safe Auto is a company that specialises in mininum coverage, so it will be cheap and legal. But it may not cover as much as you would like.

Do Verizon cell phones have expensive or affordable plans?

Verizon has individual plans that range from 59.99 to 79.99, depending on the services you need. They have family plans from 89.99 - 199.99 depending on the number of additional lines you add. All of this depends on minutes, texting, and data plans. When compared to other plans their plans can be qu (MORE)

How expensive of a house can you afford?

The best way to decide how much you can afford to spend on a house is to go to your banks website and find a mortgage calculator. You will need to figure out how much you spend a month on bills, food, and other expenses so that you are still able to pay them. Also, if you are looking at buying a hou (MORE)

How affordable are the new Audi a6 cars?

"The Audi a6 is a luxury vehicle that is classed to be affordable. In today's economy, luxury automobile dealers are trying to find a way to broaden their customer base. This vehicles start at $41,000.00."

What is an affordable good looking car?

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, here is another good car for the price, kia spectra it gets about 27 mpg in city. and up to 37 mpg on open highway. the 2.0 16 valve engine. kia is made in briton, they have a big plant there.

Who built an affordable line of cars?

Henry Ford is given credit for building an affordable line of cars. He was able to do this by using an assembly line method of automobile production. But before Henry Ford built his famous Model "T", Ransom E. Olds built an affordable car called the Oldsmobile Curved Dash Runabout from 1901 thru 19 (MORE)

What can you do to figure out how much you can afford when buying a car?

Figure out your total income. Figure out all of your expenses that you have to live. What ever is left over is what you can afford for a car payment but don't base the car you want on that. Remember, you will need to buy insurance and you will have other expenses. My rule of thumb is that the valu (MORE)

Where can one buy a affordable car?

One can buy a affordable car at their local deakership or through a ad in the local paper. One may also trade in a used car for a discount on another car.

Where can you buy an affordable car?

A person can purchase an affordable car from a major car dealership such as Kia, Honda, or Mitsubishi. All of those car makers/dealers offer affordable financing for any income bracket.

Where could one find affordable Manchester laser dentists?

One good place to look for laser dentists in any town or city named Manchester is by using a referral and review service such as HealthProfs or Mojopages. Another way is to simply look in the local telephone directory, contact the dentist's office and inquire about their services and prices.

Where can one find affordable cars?

One can find affordable cars from a local car dealership. However, if trying to buy online, one may use eBay, APM Cars, or Affordable Kars. All used car dealerships have a range of models and prices.

Which dentists offer affordable dental plans?

Dental work can be very costly if one does not have a good dental plan. The website Dental Plans allows one to find affordable dental plans as well as dentists by entering a zip code.

Who made the first affordable car?

Ransom E. Olds mass produced 19,000 Curved Dash Olds Runabouts from 1901 to 1909 from an assembly line using interchangeable parts and they sold for aprox $650 each.

How was Columbus able to afford the expensive westward voyage to the indes?

He got the money from the king and queen of Spain. First he hadtried to get it from the king of Portugal but he was refusedbecause that king's scientists had gone over Columbus' calculationsand decided (correctly, as it turned out) that the calculationswere wrong and that Columbus would never find t (MORE)