Can mushroom use induce psychosis?

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Can mushroom use induce psychosis?
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How do you use mushrooms?

My friends have eaten them, if you stomach the thought, or they would boil them until the water was brownish and mix it with kool-aid or some other sweet drink to get it down. (MORE)

Why is it necessary to use an emetic to induce vomiting?

The purpose of using an emetic is to empty the stomach of its contents. If somebody has eaten a substance that is poisonous inducing vomiting can remove the substance from the (MORE)

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How to Help Someone Who is Experiencing Bipolar Psychosis

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Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms make a good substitute for meat when cooking burger for a vegetarian or when you want something a little healthier to eat. They will also make a great si (MORE)

How can use induce in a sentence?

Induce means to persuade or to lead. Using all of his persuasive powers, he was finally able to induce the Senate to pass the bill. Her labor was not progressing, so the doc (MORE)