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Can redheads get a tan?

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no they cant get a tan cuz they are just going to get burnt and start to peel and all that

Close but no prize. redheads ARE able to get a tan but it is very rare. The gene for red hair, which is a MC1R variant is located close to the gene for skin color. Most redheads cannot get a tan because in freckled redheads, the melanin is contained only in the freckles, not spread out uniformly as is the case for most people. Therefore, the freckles can tan (i.e. get darker) but there is usually no melanin in between the freckles. In rare cases, there are redheads with very little freckling and olive or darker skin. This is usually seen in non Celtic, Semitic (as in Jews, mostly Ashkenazi, as well as Arabs) or Iranian descent. There is a very, very tiny amount of these darker skinned redheads in Asian populations.

I'm not sure. I'm a redhead and i can tan just fine and haven't had a sunburn for 9 or 10 years. Sure its uncommon and i probably spend more time outside than other redheads but i tan fine in the summer and lose it a bit during the winter just like everyone else
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How rare are redheads?

Red heads are pretty rare since only about 2 percent of the human  population has red hair. People of western and northern European  ancestry are the ones with the highest o

Was Lucille Ball a natural redhead?

No, her real hair color was brown. When she was younger, it was very dark, but some say as as adult, she had mousy brown hair.

How do you tan?

You can either go to a tanning bed, get a spray tan, or lay out in sun and tan. All except for spray tans can lead to severely increased chances of skin cancer, however.

What color looks good on redheads?

Personally, I think dark green looks very good on redheads. See the Related Links for more suggestions.

Who is Kira the little redhead?

Adult pornographic model active from 1998 until 2002.

Did Hitler hate redheads?

no. he adored them

Can a blond and a redhead have a brunette child?

yes, I'm studying it in biology right now, both parents carry the gene for brown hair then its possible, for an example, purple is incomplete dominant over white for flowers
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What is 'redhead' performance?

  sexually, it is rumourd red-heads are good in bed. red is meant to go faster, so in general, maybe a quick performance. redheads are awesome fullstop!