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This depends upon environmental conditions.
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What is fasting?

Religious:   Usually it refers to giving up food for a certain amount of time to  spiritually prepare yourself. (The word can also be used to mean  giving up something e

What is rusting?

the slow reaction of an iron piece reacting with moisture When Something stays in water and rust. Rusting occurs when iron reacts with the oxygen in the air.

What is rust?

­R­ust is the common name for a very common compound, iron oxide.Iron oxide, the chemical Fe2O3, is common because iron combinesvery readily with oxygen, so readily, in

What does fasting do?

Fasting can do wonders if done correctly. It helps in weight loss also in emotional help. There are different types of fasting and websites which helps you to know more about

How do you do fasting?

Fasting is simply not eating. The best tips for fasting are  drinking as much water as you can and ensuring that your vitamin  intake stays high during all times to make sur

Does copper rust or not rust?

No, Copper Does Not Rust... It Corrodes However, it will oxidize and turn dark brown and then green over time. The Statue of Liberty looks green because copper has a propert

Does nickel rust?

Nickel doesn't rust easily. It is very resistant to corrosion.

What does rust contain?

  Rust is the name of a series of iron oxides (Fe2O3, Fe3O4...) that form when iron or steel corrodes.

Why do sunken ships rust fast in shallow water and slowly in deep water?

  Rusting is oxidation of iron, and oxidation requires (you guessed it) oxygen. In shallow water, surface agitation of sea water means that oxygen is constantly being red

What can rust?

Most metal alloys consisting mainly of iron can rust if exposed to  oxygen and/or water.
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How fast will a nail rust by water?

This really depends on the concentration of impurities in water. More the impurities, faster it will rust the iron nail. To reduce rusting of any iron the best way is to paint
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What does rust out mean?

Rust is the plant which falls under the division thallophyta (fungi) . Puccinia is the scientific name of it .It mode of nutrition is heterotrophic .They draws there nutrient
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Can a delorean rust?

because of the stainless steel body construction the body will not rust. The chassis however can rust and is a common problem with Deloreans
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What is rusting how iron is prevented from rusting?

What is rusting?Rusting is corrosion of iron.1) Corrosion (in here) means low oxidation- as a metal turns to the metal oxide.2) The more reactive the metal-the quicker this ha

How fast does a car rust in cold weather?

It isn't cold weather that causes a car to rust, it's the SALT they put on roads and streets to melt ice. I always go to a car wash as soon as the streets have dried up and no