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This depends upon environmental conditions.
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How do you make metal rust fast?

wet it and leave in oxygen

Does rhenium rust?


Can fluorine rust?

No. Rusting is a term generally reserved for the oxidation of iron. Processes similar to rusting also involve the oxidation of metals. Fluorine is a nonmetal and the most el

Does polymer rust?

Answer   Polymers don't rust, not like iron does anyway, but they can oxidize. Polymers are essentially what is commonly called plastic.   Rust is simply iron comb

Why does concrete rust?

The Red stain on a concrete surface is actually not the concrete rusting! It is an indication that the embedded steel [Re-Bar] inside the concrete is rusting and the rust colo

Does copper rust or not rust?

No, Copper Does Not Rust... It Corrodes However, it will oxidize and turn dark brown and then green over time. The Statue of Liberty looks green because copper has a propert

Is rust flammable?

No, the iron has already been oxidized, and will burn no further.

What is rust made of?

Rust is iron(II) oxide (also known as ferrous oxide), it is made from iron and oxygen.

Can platinum rust?

No, for one thing, rust is a term reserved for the corrosion (oxidation) of iron or iron alloys. Platinum is even less reactive than gold and will not corrode.

Does sodium rust?

Sodium corrodes extremely rapidly. A freshly exposed surface can  form an oxidized layer in seconds. Sodium reacts violently with  water.

Does gallium rust?

No. And if it were to rust, the rust could be easily removed by melting the gallium with your hand, or hot water, or anything above 85.59*F (29.77*C) :3
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What is rusting?

the slow reaction of an iron piece reacting with moisture When Something stays in water and rust. Rusting occurs when iron reacts with the oxygen in the air.
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What does fasting do?

Fasting can do wonders if done correctly. It helps in weight loss also in emotional help. There are different types of fasting and websites which helps you to know more about

How fast does a car rust in cold weather?

It isn't cold weather that causes a car to rust, it's the SALT they put on roads and streets to melt ice. I always go to a car wash as soon as the streets have dried up and no