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This depends upon environmental conditions.
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How fast does Steel rust?

Steel does not rust by normal corrosion agents.

How do you remove a Receiver hitch that has rusted fast?

belt it with a slege hammer to see if that will loosen it up. failing that it needs to be heated with a torch, to burn the rust then hit with a hammer to loosen

Can copper rust fast?

no it can not or it can just take a amount of time with a couple of weeks

How fast can a penny get rusted and with what?

A penny can take anywhere from a week to a month to fully rust with just rust, I've seen pennies with mold and that took two weeks, but it could finish sooner, with mold it co

How fast does iron rust in water?

It does not take very long for iron to rust in water if it is notprotected. If iron is not protected it can start rusting within afew days.

How fast will a nail rust by water?

This really depends on the concentration of impurities in water. More the impurities, faster it will rust the iron nail. To reduce rusting of any iron the best way is to paint

How fast does a car rust in cold weather?

It isn't cold weather that causes a car to rust, it's the SALT they put on roads and streets to melt ice. I always go to a car wash as soon as the streets have dried up and no