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TANALISED timber relates to timber that has been industrially treated with TANALITH preservative under vacuum in an enclosed treatment vessel.

The preservative manufacturer, Arch Timber Protection, has a website at www.archtp.com with a Consumer Information Sheet which contains advice regarding compatible glues for TANALISED E pressure treated timber. A range of glues are advised, depending on the end use of the treated timber.
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What is 'tanalised' wood?

  'TANALISED' timber has been impregnated with a preservative solution under high vacuum pressure in an industrial vessel. This treatment process ensures deep penetration

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What will happen to your health if you burn tanalised timber in an open fire?

Tanalised timber refers to wood that has been industrially treated using a controlled vacuum pressure process with Tanalith preservative. Tanalised and Tanalith are registered

How do you tanalise timber?

Timber is 'TANALISED' (treated) in an industrial treatment vessel using TANALITH preservative applied using vacuum pressure technology. TANALITH and TANALISED are registered t

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In my experience with furniture repair and refinishing I have found that I can dissolve wood glue 85% of the time with white vinegar. For the other 15% of the time when vinega

Can you get arsenic poisoning from handling Tanalised wood?

Tanalised timber refers to wood that has been industrially treated using a controlled vacuum pressure process with the Tanalith preservative.  Tanalith C preservative contain

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Cut or mill the lumber right before gluing,    Oily hardwoods require an utterly different procedure than plywood  or fur lumber, which may be be glued with almost any

Will tanalised timber split?

Tanalizing, an impregnation with a copper chrome arsenate, only improves the timber's durability. Whilst the timber is wet, its splitting tendency will be reduced.

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Answer   Use a shovel if the glue is agreeable. 2.Pull it up - throw it out. NO? A little heating from a propane torch is helpful. That stuff is basically tar. It can cat

Can you burn tanalised wood in your fire?

When a component treated with TANALITH wood preservative, applied using a vacuum pressure treatment process, reaches the end of its useful service life, there are a number of

Can you burn tanalised wood on your fire?

Tantalized wood is industrially treated with the tanalith  preservative. Tanalith treated wood is highly toxic and should not  be burned in open fires or in homes. The chemi