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Can the IRS levy a corporate checking account?

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Simple answer: yes, the IRS can levy anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime. Pay them what you owe, or they will take it...

On another note, if you are referring to a matter of owing the IRS on a personal level, they may choose to simply levy any personal accounts you have instead of drawing from the corporate checking account.
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Can the IRS levy bank accounts in Delaware?

Of course.   Why would you possibly even question that the Federal government couldn't do something anywhere in the country? Especially something anyone can do?   The IR

Can the IRS garnish a checking account and your payroll check?

  No, but they sometimes do.   If you are being garnished, the amount that you are receiving in your paycheck is the amount that is exempt from levy. They cannot turn a

Why are corporations not allowed to earn interest on their checking accounts?

Federal Reserve Regulation Q . Federal Reserve Regulation Q is the reason why corporations are not allowed to earn "hard interest" on their checking accounts (or demand dep

Money will be in the checking account by April 20th will the IRS cash my check before that?

If you are mailing your check together with your tax return on April 15, it's very unlikely. If you mail on April 15, the soonest they will get it will be Friday April 17 (u

Why would the IRS levy a bank account?

The IRS would levy a bank account if the bank account holder had not paid his or her taxes. However, the IRS wouldn't do this unless they had exhausted all other means to col

Can the IRS put a levy on Social Security checks?

A distinction must be made between two possibilities. The first possibility is that the IRS garnishes your social security check, directly through the Social Security Administ

Where can an IRS refund check be cashed without a bank account at a bank?

Hate to promote them but Wal-mart will cash any check under $2999 for $3. Correction Wal-mart will only cash payroll/government checks which includes your tax refund checks

Can a corporation have an interest bearing checking account?

A corporation that is a for profit corporation cannot have an interest bearing checking account. However, it can have an earnings credit which is similar to an interest rate.

Can the IRS freeze your checking account if you owe them money?

Answer   I don't believe so. They will make sure they get paid by garnishing your wages though. Hope this helps a little.   Answer   The IRS can issue a Notice of

If the IRS and State are taking money from your checking account and payroll check for personal taxes will declaring bankruptcy stop this?

In general, Federal tax lien are not able to be discharged through bankruptcy. You didn't mention what state you are in, but whether or not state taxes would be exempt would

Can a checking account with exempt funds be levied for credit card debt?

as far as i know and have reserached no Edit: Yes, qualified exempt funds remain in that status after being deposited and are immune from nourishment or levy, only if they h