Can the IRS levy a corporate checking account?

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Simple answer: yes, the IRS can levy anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime. Pay them what you owe, or they will take it...

On another note, if you are referring to a matter of owing the IRS on a personal level, they may choose to simply levy any personal accounts you have instead of drawing from the corporate checking account.
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Can the IRS put a levy on Social Security checks?

A distinction must be made between two possibilities. The first possibility is that the IRS garnishes your social security check, directly through the Social Security Administ

Can the IRS levy bank accounts in Delaware?

Of course.. Why would you possibly even question that the Federal government couldn't do something anywhere in the country? Especially something anyone can do?. The IRS can

Can I get a personal checking account in my name only that can not be touched by the IRS with a lien or levy due to my wife's business tax problems?

If u open it in one of your kids' names then no one can touch it except u and your child (when they turn 18). Its a quick fix against ur wife. y not take wt savings u hav left

How do you resolve a bank account levy with the IRS?

You pay the underlying assessment. If they already went to levy an account, you may even be past the time you can protest. If you ignore them long enough...THEY DO NOT go awa
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Why would the IRS levy a bank account?

The IRS would levy a bank account if the bank account holder had not paid his or her taxes. However, the IRS wouldn't do this unless they had exhausted all other means to col