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Can the IRS levy a corporate checking account?

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Simple answer: yes, the IRS can levy anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime. Pay them what you owe, or they will take it...

On another note, if you are referring to a matter of owing the IRS on a personal level, they may choose to simply levy any personal accounts you have instead of drawing from the corporate checking account.
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What happens if a bank account is levied but there are no funds in the account?

if there are no funds in the account they cant take anything. i know because i had the same problem. you actually have some rights when it comes to levies on your account. if

How many times can a bank account be levied?

In general a bank account is subject to judgment levy every 30 days until the debt is paid. The judgment creditor must renew/refile the bank levy each time before it can be im

What is an checking account?

  It is an account there you deposit money into and then draw "checks" against the balance. You cannot legally write a check for any amount over what you actually have on

Why would the IRS levy a bank account?

The IRS would levy a bank account if the bank account holder had not paid his or her taxes. However, the IRS wouldn't do this unless they had exhausted all other means to col

Where are IRS refund checks mailed from?

IRS Refund checks come from the Dept of Treasury, now whether they have more than one processing place to process checks is the correct question,depending on how long it takes

How do you get a checking account?

find a bank that you feel comfortable with, that has the product you are looking for and go in to the branch to open your account. Bring your opening deposit and any necessary

Can the IRS levy 401k and IRA for back taxes owed?

401k and IRAs are "Assets", the IRS can levy assets and seize them if you do not resolve your tax matters. You can resolve your back taxes through different avenues, negotia

Where can an IRS refund check be cashed without a bank account at a bank?

Hate to promote them but Wal-mart will cash any check under $2999 for $3. Correction Wal-mart will only cash payroll/government checks which includes your tax refund checks

Can a creditor levy your bank account and how?

A creditor can only levy your bank account by getting a judgment against you. To do that, they must sue you. And they must win in court. If you are sued by a creditor, be sure

Can a corporation have an interest bearing checking account?

A corporation that is a for profit corporation cannot have an interest bearing checking account. However, it can have an earnings credit which is similar to an interest rate.

Can the IRS freeze your checking account if you owe them money?

Answer   I don't believe so. They will make sure they get paid by garnishing your wages though. Hope this helps a little.   Answer   The IRS can issue a Notice of

How do you release bank levy from your account?

Type your answer here... how long will it take for my bank to lift the lien they have on my bank account: First, a tax lien is different from a tax levy. Generally, a bank