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Can they take earned income credit from a tax return for back child support even though it is being paid now?

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Yes they will intercept your taxes until that balance of back pay is paid and current. Then once you are paid you may have to ask that state that intercepted your tax returns to do a tax offset review. Give all documents that show you have paid and or current, then they may dismiss the lien against you. You may be entitled to a refund from that state.
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Will child support take your tax return?

yes, even if no arrears exist see links below The State should not be taking your tax refund if you are current. (Making the court-ordered payments on an arrearage doesn't

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There are programs in force that wll direct your refund to be applied to your back child suppport..hard to tell if your on the list of one. Of course, it's what you would want

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IRS waited 2 years to take back your child tax credit because your husband did not report his social security retirement benefit Even though IRS instructed us not to include it on the 1040?

At best you may be able to avoid the interst and penalties if you received this advice in writing, but my bet is that you do not have it inwritting. My thought is that you do