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Can watching tv cause seizures?

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When do you watch tv?

On weekends or after work/school on weekdays.

Can too much TV cause seizures?

There is something called TV-induced epilepsy. It's not really caused by watching too much tv actually. Some people are sensitive to flickering lights (photosensitive) and rap

What are seizures caused from?

They are caused by electrons misfiring in your brain, which is triggered by something. However, there are many triggers, some of them are unknown. Some common ones are flashin

What can cause a seizure?

Flashing lights , stress , and some types of liqhts . liqhts at my school made me start having seizures again . those are some of my triggers .. but im sure there are more .

Does watching TV cause global warming?

Home use is responsible for more than half of the total output of carbon dioxide. Appliances (A/C, heat, water heaters) account for 70% of home electricity use, and another 10

What causes you to have a seizure?

Anything from stress to a head knock even testosterone issues in both men & women can cause grand mal seizures though generally the first thing doctors seem to assume is it's

Why does watching too much television cause low grades in school?

by watching Television you are being plugged into the world of entertainment. Being the lazy Americans that we are find it hard NOT to watch the next episode of jersey shore o

What can cause seizures?

Seizures are manifestation of the uncoordinated electrical  discharges in the brain. There are a lot of possible cause for  this. Some may be congenital defects, electrolite

What causes seizures?

In a normal brain, there are millions of specialized nerve cells, called neurons, that transmit electrical impulses. These impulses communicate with other areas of the brain a