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Can you bruise a kidney by falling on your lower back?

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How long does a bruised kidney take to heal?

It depends on the severity of the bruising as well as any damage to surrounding tissue, other organs, ribs, etc... It's difficult to bruise a kidney without affecting other th

Why does your lower back or kidney region hurt when you are dehydrated?

  Answer     It is because your kidneys are trying to remove the waste products from your blood but as the blood is quite thick from the dehydration the kidneys

Do kidney problems cause lower back pain?

Yes, it is possible for a variety of kidney problems to cause lower back pain. Kidney related low back pain is at the top of the list of possible causes when no recent acciden

Can taking lortab be causing your kidney pains in the morning or what feels like kidney pain on both sides of your lower back?

Lortab is a brand name for Hydrocodone and is usually combined with a large dose of acetaminophen (Tylenol). The highest recommended dose of Tylenol for an adult in a 24 hour

Why does your lower back hurt where your kidneys are at?

Why does your lower back hurt where your kidneys are at? I drink plenty of water..They hurt just about every other day. __ If you are experiencing consistent pain, you need

What does lower back pain in the kidney area mean?

Pain in the area of the kidneys can come from several different  sources. Low back pain is complex and there are many possibilities  to be considered.     Kidney di

Why would i have sever pain in lower back from bilateral facet osteoarthrtis after an accident from a fall?

From what you have written you actually have two separate problems going on at the same time, making the pain more severe or intense than if you only had one problem at a time