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Can you claim your pet on your taxes?

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No, unless it is livestock for business.
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Do you have to claim radio winnings on your taxes?

Yes, you have to claim all winnings of any kind (radio, TV, church raffle, lotto, bingo, casino, illegal bookies, online gambling, etc) on your taxes. You have to claim winnin

Can you claim your mother on my income tax?

No. My mother would not let me let you claim her on your income tax return. Even if I could claim my mother on my return I would not let you claim her on your return. My mothe

Can you claim an inmate on your tax returns?

No you can not, it clearly states that the person has too live with you. Its clear that the inmate does not live with you If you are married to an inmate, though, you can fil

Can you claim your unborn child on your taxes?

No, you cannot claim an unborn child on taxes. It is not a  dependent until it starts to breathe on its own. The baby must be  born before the end of the year in order to cl

Can your boyfriend claim your children on his taxes?

Maybe. Read the "Qualifying Relative" section at the attached link to IRS Pub. 501 to determine whether your boyfriend can claim a dependency exemption for your children. 

Can you claim your car on your taxes?

Only if it's registered in your own private business and/or it's used for your own business or you use a large portion of the body to advertise your business with stickers/pai

How many children can you claim on taxes?

Acutally, people saying you can claim two are incorrect. You can only claim 2 for the earned income credit (EIC), but for the child tax credit there isn't a limit so long as t

Can you claim taxes of grocery receipts?

  If you itemize deductions on your federal income tax return, you have the choice of claiming a deduction either for state income taxes or state sales taxes (but not both

Can you claim yourself as a dependent on taxes?

  You can claim yourself - as long as you are not also claimed by someone else (typically a parent or guardian).   For instance - a 21 year old who is a full time stude

What is everything i can claim on my taxes?

The list of items that can be claimed on your taxes as deductions is quite extensive absolutely situational, requires documentation and has many limits and thresholds. It may

Can you claim your rent payments on your taxes?

Presuming you mean in a personal, not business situation usually no personal costs (food, housing, utils., movies, car/transportation, etc) are deductible. However, if a hom

How do you claim your taxes with your cosigner?

You probably need to explain your question differently.Taxes do NOT have a cosigner, per se, loans do. Taxes may be filed jointly (together) between spouses, which is basicall