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Can you claim your pet on your taxes?

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No, unless it is livestock for business.
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Can you claim your pets as a dependent?

Only humans can be dependents. People used to claim their pets and even their imaginary friends before they started requiring Social Security numbers on the tax return.

If you are a lesbian can you claim your girlfriend on your taxes?

No I don't thunk anyone can claim their pardner male or female as a living expense. ans Obviously the above is incorrect, as many, many people are applicable as a dependent

Can your parents claim you for taxes and you claim yourself?

In the US, when another taxpayer is entitled to claim you as a dependent on their income tax return, you cannot take an exemption for yourself even if the other taxpayer does

How do you claim this deduction on your taxes?

THIS DEDUCTION ON YOUR TAXES will have to entered on the correct form or line of your 1040 federal income tax return before your income tax return can be completed correctly.

Who can you claim on taxes?

You can often times deduct the cost of hiring a tax professional to do your taxes in the following year. Given the generic nature of your question, I'd strongly suggest doing

Can you claim post tax on your taxes?

I guess it depends;for instance, the traditional IRA is a retirement savings plan where contributions may be tax deductible and the values can grow tax deferred until withdraw

Can you claim your pets on your federal income taxes?

If by "claim" you are referring to an exemption, the answer is no. Since your animals are pets, you may be able to deduct related moving expenses (assuming you moved during th

Can you claim sales tax on your taxes?

Yes, you can claim state and local sales taxes on your return. But in order to do so you must itemize deductions and you must not claim state and local income taxes. You're al