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Can you file for my taxes on the first of January?

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Yes, as long as you have your pay stubs and or w2 form and information for the tax man
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What is tax filing?

A tax return is a form (paper or online) on which you: report details of your taxable income, and any capital gains if appropriateclaim tax allowances and tax reliefs. HM Rev

How do you get a tax form to file your tax return?

You can get copies of tax forms in several ways. One, print them on-line at the Related Link below by clicking on 'Form and instruction number'. Two, request them by telephone

How do you file taxes after April 15?

The same way that your income tax return would have been filed if the income tax return had been correctly filled in and completed before April 15. You have until October 15

What is the first day you can file for taxes?

  Congress has to approve the tax rate--probably around January 15. State tax rates do not have to be set until about January 31. So, you may want to gather your informati

No income do you have to file tax return?

If you have NO income, then no.     ANSWER:   If you are subject to the Personal Income Tax Law and liable for a tax then yes you do have to file a valid return, ev

When can you file your taxes?

  You really can't even try to file until February 15th. Prior to that date you must make every reasonable effort to obtain a W-2 from your employer, who is required to ma

If no taxes are taken out do you have to file taxes?

Filing and paying are 2 different things. You are required to pay as you make money, that is commonly done as you work, by your employer "withholding". But many types of inc

Do you have to file taxes if you do not owe any taxes?

The requirement to file an income tax return is not determined by whether you owe taxes or not. For example, if you have net self-employment income of more than $400, you must

When to file taxes?

  Presumably, you mean Personal Income Tax, normally done on a Form 1040....(others have different times).   April 15 each year is the due date for filing your Federa

How should a college student filing for taxes for the first time go about it?

  A very reasonable question! And I've even taught college tax courses..so I'm glad you asked. Taxes are the types of things too many people make a very big deal about

When can you file taxes?

Presumably, you mean Personal Income Tax, normally done on a Form 1040....(others have different times). April 15 each year is the due date for filing your Federal individual

Are you required to give a terminated employee your tax id number so taxes can be filed early by her Or does she have to wait until you mail out the W9 at the end of January?

Got your forms confused...it is a W-2 you'll mail at end of January. I do not believe you have to provide your EID# outside of the official places you are required to. You ma

This is the first time you will be filing your taxes as this is your first job you will be making 45000 a year you are single and do not own a home how much do you need to pay in income tax in Chicago?

Try this calculator for your federal taxes: http://www.dinkytown.com/java/Tax1040.html Chicago does not have an income tax, but Illinois does. To figure Illinois income

Do you have to file your taxes?

Obviously, as no one LIKES to file and pay, the well established  system is fairly adept at catching those that don't...it has been  thought of before! The receipt of a W-2