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Can you file your taxes every 2 years if you're single?

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You can... but its a no win situation. If you don't file, and you are owed money, the government gets an interest free loan. If you owe money, they slap you with penalties and interest on the money that they were supposed to bring in. So, I wouldn't recommend it. Also, simply, you must file every year. And adding two years together will virtually always come to a much higher tax (you only get the deductions and evwen withholding credit for one year, not both). many other reasons.
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Do you have to file every W-2?

Of course.   And remember each one is already file with the IRS by the employer and the computers there match thses things.

What will happen if you file taxes as married if you are single?

  Called tax fraud. And of course the return is signed and sworn to as true. Bad things happen when you break the law. Doing so where your directly offending the Govt woul

Can you file single on your taxes if your married?

No, but you can be married and file separate.

Do I file a tax return if I only made 8000 gross income and I'm single and 21 years old?

You're not required to file a return for your Single filing status if your 2008 income is less than $8,950 (or less than $9,350 for 2009). Even though you're not required to f

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What should you do if you have not filed taxes for years?

Unpaid Taxes The problem is there is something called a Statute of Limitations(SOL) on your liability for taxes for any period. (There is alsoone limiting the period of time

Do you have to file state taxes every year in Va?

You have to file every year that your income meets the minimum mandatory filing requirements in Virginia. You can find those requirements here: http://www.tax.virginia.gov/s

Do you have to file state tax in PA every year?

If you are a PA resident, nonresident or a part-year PA resident, you must file a PA tax return if: • You received total PA gross taxable income in excess of $33, even if

If you're on welfare can you file for taxes?

You can file a income tax return if you WANT to if the only worldwide income that you have is the welfare income amount. IF you do NOT have any other worldwide income to be re

Do you have to file taxes if you work for 2 months?

This would depend on your filing status and all of your other gross worldwide income that you may have received for the tax year in question. A self-employed taxpayer would

Do you have to file your taxes this year?

Not filing your taxes if you have the income is criminal. It is not something anyone does because they want to. It is a requirement. Those who fail to meet the requirements

How do you get last years tax file?

  I was just asking myself the same question. I got this answer; hope it helps!     It happens every year. Just when you get motivated to get rolling on your taxes,

This is the first time you will be filing your taxes as this is your first job you will be making 45000 a year you are single and do not own a home how much do you need to pay in income tax in Chicago?

Try this calculator for your federal taxes: http://www.dinkytown.com/java/Tax1040.html Chicago does not have an income tax, but Illinois does. To figure Illinois income

Do you need a w-2 to file your taxes?

No...W-2 are only for people who are employees (so an employer has withheld taxes from their paycheck and contributed to FICA on their behalf, etc). Essentially, anyone with i

What if you have not filed your taxes for this year?

You should proceed to do this and complete your income tax return correctly. Get help with your tax problems at IRS's nationwide open house. The Internal Revenue Service will

What happens if I am filing taxes as single and 2 under federal and 2 under NY but i don't have any dependents?

In this case you will most likely end up owing more taxes when you  file your return at the end of the year. You withholding allowances  claimed during the year only effect