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Can you find out if person has claimed bankruptcy?

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Can you find out if person has claimed bankruptcy?
It depends on who "you" are. If the person has lived in the same state or part of a state for his adult life, you can search the records of the bankruptcy court for that state or district within the state. If the person has moved around a bit, you can only find out by getting access to a credit report. which most ordinary people cannot do. Somelocal newspapers publish local bankruptcy filings, but not all of those newspapers put their contents online.
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How does a person go into bankruptcy?

  Answer   Bankruptcy is extremely complicated and it is strongly recommended that you use an attorney to file. Many attorneys offer free consultations to tell you

Can you be employed with a bank after claiming bankruptcy?

Yes you can. There is no legal base for a Bank to fire you for filing bankruptcy..... Filing bankruptcy is not a crime..... I even know people that got hired to work at the Ba

Can a person file bankruptcy on an auto accident claim?

  Answer   Filing bankruptcy creates an "automatic stay" which is a court order stopping most efforts to collect a debt, including lawsuits. Whether or not you are e

What is personal Bankruptcy?

  It is when an indivdual (or married couple) file for bankruptcy rather than a business or corporation.

Can you quit claim a deed after bankruptcy is discharged?

Yes, because after bk discharge you still own the house . The only way to get out from under the house is to get your name off the deed. Ether by forcloser, short sale, or nor

Do you still have to pay the mortgage if you claim bankruptcy?

  While the different types of BK offer some protection from creditors and possibly for debts already incurred...until resolved, and on a going forward basis, generally yo

Can you claim back taxes on a bankruptcy?

Claiming Back Taxes in Bankruptcy Only if they are more than three years old and meet specific requirements More specifically, yes, taxes may be discharged in bankruptcy and

In the event of bankruptcy who has the claims on the assets?

  It depends on what assets you are talking about. Should you declare things like your house and car in your bankruptcy the bank or financier would have a claim to them fi

Can you claim bankruptcy on IRS debt?

Filing for bankruptcy is one of five ways to get out of tax debt,  but you should consider bankruptcy only if you meet the  requirements for discharging your taxes.
Where can you find out when a person filed bankruptcy?

Where can you find out when a person filed bankruptcy?

  Answer   Check Personal backgroung and history by accessing this through your search engine, and pick the best post that will help you. Don't forget to type in fre
How much debt do you have to be in to claim bankruptcy?

How much debt do you have to be in to claim bankruptcy?

The actual amount varies from situation to situation, but the general rules used to consider claiming bankruptcy are summarized as follows: * The amount owed to creditors mus

Can you repossess a vehicle that you signed title over to the person and at same time got a paper notarized she owes you a balance that she never paid and she claimed your car in her bankruptcy?

First, if you don't have a lien in the title, that is, NAMED on the title, you will have trouble repossing no matter what. You have a general claim against the person, not sec