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Obtaining a credit card I did. In fact, my first card was a gold card. I had no job, hadn't had one for years. Nor did I have any other form of income. Now I have three cards all of them platinum and I don't want any more. (It's not good for your credit rating to have too many cards even if you don't use them!) I've done a little freelance work over the past several years but nothing steady or longterm. Right now, I only work part time, yet each one of my cards (only one carries a small balance - less than $1000) has a limit of over $10,000, and my interest rates range from 5% to 9.9%. See, good credit is rewarded with low interest rates. I would never pay the exorbitant interest rates a lot of cards charge - it's outrageous. I don't think card companies really care who they issue cards to as long as they get paid. If someone can only afford to make the minimum payment, that's even better for the card companies because the tiny payments barely cover the interest. More input from FAQ Farmers:
  • I have a terrible credit rating, ccjs etc due to a few years of financial difficulty............however I concentrated on paying back my bank overdraft and have kept my current account in credit for a year. My bank has now given me an overdraft facility and a credit card, and I,m not working at the moment.

But be careful: If you charge anything, pay it off that month. Many of these cards have low amounts available and if you are late or over the limit, you could wind up in a neverending cycle of fees. Yikes!
But if you worry so much about whether you'll be approved for one or not, you can always get a job as a webcam model at PAYMECAM.com
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